p5wd + scythe ninja plus??

Sorry if the question makes me seem like a fool but i've bought my new pc but i'm looking for a HSF for my:
E6600 (looking forward to oc it >3000mhz)
asus x1900xtx
silverstone st65zf (650W/701Wpeak)
but my question is that i've read some peaple that have the same mobo and cpu with the scythe which in theory doesn't fit in the space for it (it may contact with the nb/sb heatsink. it really fits??? or my i buy a big typhoon which is higher and doesn't touch??
thx. i'm really looking forward for your replies!!! :D
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  1. Buy the Typhoon, because it's just about impossible to figure out if a heatsink will fit a motherboard based on the dimensions of the heatsink itself. :| Like seeing how the Ninja is 110mm square, which gives you 55mm from center around the cpu socket. Oh and the fins starting at 1.5in from the base of the heatsink. I don't know how anyone would be able to figure that out :roll:
  2. i was hopefully that someone of those who says that has this hsf enters and tells me if it really fits or not and if the heatsink next to it has enough space for its optional fan (I dont think so). but thx
  3. Do you have the board? It wouldn't be hard to figure out if it'll fit with the dimensions I listed. When the fan is installed the bottom of the fan will be as high as the bottom fins on the heatsink (1.5"). To me that NB heatsink doesn't look any taller than the memory would be. And I know it'll clear memory modules because I've had it installed on boards where the memory was really close to the socket. Here is a pic I found, it's at an odd angle but I believe you can still see the height of the NB heatsink compared to memory.


    So if I had that board and was thinking about the Scythe, I would go for it. Also here is a google search I did with "P5W DH Ninja".
  4. thx!! the 1st helps alot. to figure out its hight seen the mems but i cant see the one on the second link could you send it me?? my mail is boro_killer@hotmail.com or by pm or here in the post, please!! thx
  5. The second link is just http://www.google.com
    Then type P5W DH Ninja
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