Trying to OC a Pentium D805 to a 4GHz for under $700 CAD

Before I explain my situation, I know that a Pentium D 805 is a horrible chip for gaming but pretty decent for everday computing.

Therefore, since i plan to get two computers soon,
I plan to get a C2D computer with a dx10 card
and also get another one that's going to do minor gaming with a 76gt and a OC'ed 805D.

No offence for ppl who hates the processor, it does OC like mad.
Therefore, it doesn't matter THAT much if it DOESNT OC alot but id really like to.

My goal is 4.0GHz for under $700 CANADIAN excluding a HD and Optical drives.

1. Intel Pentium D805 $120
2. A motherboard is what I really want to know about.
(I'm leaning towards the Gigabyte S3 because it's also a good overclocker.)
3. PNY 7600GT $154
4. a PC6400 1GB or 2GB if possible memory
5. and a PSU, i think should be around 400-500W. I chose this,
a 400w Fortron PC with great reviews.
Oh, also and suggestions for fans would be appreciated as well.

I can either get it from...
and but i prefer not go get it from there.

Thank You.
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  1. Excellent choice of PS!
    You forgot to mention a hsf. Especially since you are overclocking, you will need a "flower" style hsf that meets the full Intel thermal spec by also blowing air down onto the MB and out in all directions to cool the components surrounding the CPU. The Golden Orb II/Blue Orb II look decent. For an el cheapo, there's Thermaltake CL-P0189. For high end, there are the Zalman 7000 and 7700 series hsfs.

    PS - 3.6GHz will be easy, 4 GHz will be very hard (on air).
  2. Oh yes, I needed some suggestions on

    Like you said if 4.0 is too hard on air, 3.6 would be very satisfiying as well.
    I'm guessing that will compare to a X2 4200/4400+.

    You've mentioned a Zalman 7700, i found one for $42, so I guess i'll go with this one

    Anyother suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Just note that many flower-style hsfs are so big that they don't fit on all MBs or in all cases, so you need to research your case/MB combo first to find out if the zalman 7700 will fit. The 7700 in particular is also very heavy; I would strongly consider the 7000 Al/Cu model.
  4. I might just buy the Zalman CNPS9500 for $60 as recommanded on Tom's Hardware to OC it to 4.0GHz.

    Seems like a good deal.


    Im not sure which mobo to buy yet.. What's a good OCing mobo?

    the 7000ALCU model you've mentioned doesnt fit LGA775 socket..
  5. Quote:
    I might just buy the Zalman CNPS9500 for $60 as recommanded on Tom's Hardware to OC it to 4.0GHz.

    Just note that the 9500 doesn't meet the Intel thermal spec, since it doesn't blow down onto the board. You may have to add additional northbridge/pwm/etc cooling if you use it.
    the 7000ALCU model you've mentioned doesnt fit LGA775 socket..

    Sorry, I should have checked...

    As for MB, my philosophy is to not spend more than about $75 on an MB for an 805D, since otherwise I might as well get a Core2Duo MB and CPU. I just waited until I saw a closeout to get my NI8-SLI for about $60.
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