Geek Squad diagnostic software question.

I recently stumbled across a piece of software from Hitachi/IBM for their Hard Drives. It's called "Drive Fitness Test" and it looks pretty much identical to the MRI software we were given to use when I worked for Geek Squad 2-3 years back. I'm just wandering if anyone can verify if it's the same thing, if they still use it, and if they are using it legally. Considering the fact that most of the software we were supposed to use when I worked there wasn't used legally under a commercial license (and since they were recently sued for piracy), I'm just wondering if they are stealing this too.

Here's some screenshots if anyone can verify:
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  1. it looks about the same, but they use different software now :D
  2. Too bad most the geeksquad's problem is not the tools they use, but how they use them.
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