Turn Windows 7 upgrade to a Normal install?

I had bought windows vista along time ago and when i got it, it had said that i would get a free windows 7 upgrade in the mail when it got released. Well the time has come and passed. I have a small problem where i need to reinstall windows 7 but i cant find my windows vista disc or Serial Key. Now i found a site that explained how to make it so i can just install the upgrade and fool it into thinking that its a normal copy.


Now im wondering if this still works and if other people have done it or if there are easyer ways. Keep in mind i cant afford to buy a nonupgrade version of windows 7 atm.
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  1. I can verify the double install method still works.
  2. is that where you install the upgrade as a Normal and then install the upgrade again as an upgrade?
  3. Yes, do fresh install using upgrade disk. Do NOT enter a product key when asked. Once in Windows and in an unactivatived state, run upgrade from within Windows. This time you can enter your key and activate.
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