Did I fry my conroe?

I think I messed up installing the cpu heatsink (not on tight enough).

Watched the cpu temp rise to about 80C, then computer shut-off suddenly.

Took off and refastened the Heat Sink tightly (maybe to tight).

Computer starts to a black screen, does not post (cd roms and floppy seem to spin up with power).

Did I fry the cpu or motherboard?

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Here are Seven E-Z steps to check the death of your CPU/Mobo...

    1- While the whole PC is plugged into an A/C outlet, touch the PSU (power supply) before anything else so as to discharge any static build up you might have on ya.
    2- Remove the CPU from the mobo,
    3- clean off the thermal cooling paste & reapply about half the size of a grain of rice (I hope you have Arctic Silver (cost is about $9-$11) CPU thermal paste),
    4- clean the heat sink on the fan, too.
    5- Reseat the CPU & reinstall the CPU fan back on. A quick test is to remove all of the RAM.
    6- The system should start beeping if the Mobo is still alive.
    7- Good luck...
  2. I don't know about conroe's, but I had a liquid cooling system fail on my opty 250. I touched the heatsink and it burned me. I still have the scar from it. THATS HOT!

    It still runs perfectly.

    I hope you didn't ruin your conroe. I would be pissed and adjitated if I was in your shoes.

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