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Online Store in Canada

Last response: in Opinions and Experiences
November 11, 2000 6:22:30 PM

Can anyone suggest any online store in Canada other than

More about : online store canada

November 12, 2000 9:43:21 PM

I have the same problem its hard to compare computer prices in Canada but thanks to the guys at this board is sending me damn good memory for a damn good price (1x256 SDRAM 133) for $230 thats including shipping and tax and in candian dollars yeah!
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November 13, 2000 6:06:08 PM

Thanks for the info boys & girls!
November 14, 2000 7:34:03 PM

Check out The prices are not the best but the selection is reasonably complete. The only major drawback is that they don't carry ASUS products.
November 15, 2000 12:55:55 AM

You should try the shopping section from altavista canada. They give most online canadian stores.
November 17, 2000 3:16:22 AM

here use my visa card # 9456 3452 4876 214 expire 01/05

Happy shopping everone.

Take Care.
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November 20, 2000 1:01:41 AM

I'm gonna get on that man...LOL

check this site: Based outta Halifax,N.S.
really low prices.

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December 22, 2002 3:09:21 AM

You can try, they're both alright, but depending on where you're located (I'm in Montreal), I have the ability to purchase wholesale and if you're looking for something specific I can beat just about any price out there..
December 27, 2002 4:34:55 AM

Nice, I just bought a Ferrari F50! Thanks Man!:) 

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December 27, 2002 4:39:06 AM

That post was only 2 years old

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April 1, 2003 7:35:01 AM sucks

ATI Sapphire Radeon 9500
128mb DDR 8xAGP w/TV Out OEM

pfffft yeah right. thats a NON pro ffs
April 19, 2003 12:36:08 PM

best sites IMO are:


<A HREF="" target="_new">XGR-Game Reviews</A>

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