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Can anyone suggest any online store in Canada other than
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  1. Never purchased from any of them, but you can try
  2. I have the same problem its hard to compare computer prices in Canada but thanks to the guys at this board is sending me damn good memory for a damn good price (1x256 SDRAM 133) for $230 thats including shipping and tax and in candian dollars yeah!
  3. Thanks for the info boys & girls!
  4. Check out The prices are not the best but the selection is reasonably complete. The only major drawback is that they don't carry ASUS products.
  5. You should try the shopping section from altavista canada. They give most online canadian stores.
  6. here use my visa card # 9456 3452 4876 214 expire 01/05

    Happy shopping everone.

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  7. I'm gonna get on that man...LOL

    check this site: Based outta Halifax,N.S.
    really low prices.

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  8. You can try, they're both alright, but depending on where you're located (I'm in Montreal), I have the ability to purchase wholesale and if you're looking for something specific I can beat just about any price out there..
  9. Nice, I just bought a Ferrari F50! Thanks Man!:)

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  10. That post was only 2 years old

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  11. sucks

    ATI Sapphire Radeon 9500
    128mb DDR 8xAGP w/TV Out OEM

    pfffft yeah right. thats a NON pro ffs
  12. best sites IMO are:


    <A HREF="" target="_new">XGR-Game Reviews</A>

    My friends Gaming Review Site. Check it out.
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