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I've just set up my first (Asus CUSL2) Intel 815 board and am very happy with it, however, I have'nt used the Intel ata100 yet (am running 66 w/IBM ATA100) because all the forums i've visited have reported problems and I've got too much work to do in the next few weeks to risk $"%^&£! my system. Does anyone here have anything to report on the subject?

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  1. Hey,

    Just a though, people that have had problems with this have said all they did was replace the new 100 drivers with the old 66's.

    Timothy Stankus
    One of the First AMD Athlon Users =)
  2. Get the program Adaptec GoBack which will monitor changes to the entire computer, for those installs that do not go correct. They also have a free 30day download for trial. Keep this in mind, you can defrag with GoBack going in the background but it is slow. Should you ever diable GoBack you lose all previous Time Travel information. GoBack sees where the information is located and if you move it with out the program enabled it does not know where to find it (I am assuming this is the case from discussions with technical support). Also should you have problems with the trial contact Customer Service and they will give you a case # and transfer you to support for your questions etc. In another computer I had used the trial version and a few days later attempted to install some new drivers for my Vodoo3 2000 and none the least I did not do it right and had problems. Used GoBack to restore to a safe point (if the first does not work go back abit further in time) and in a few mintues I was back up and ready to install the drivers the correct way. Switch from the video cards drivers to standard VGA reboot, go into add/remove, uninstall vodoo-reboot, reinstall the current drivers. But in the end GoBack saved the day.
    1) GoBack for the software problems
    2) Norton Ghost for those major Hardware crashes.

    I have the same MotherBoard and I can not say I have any problems, but I have a complete from scratch installation with a Maxtor ATA-100 30gig 7200rpm. The details from controll panel says
    Intel 82801BA Ultra Storage Controller 2443, Intel 4-14-2000
  3. I like the Ghost solution if you have a partitioned drive, or a fast cdrom burner. Clean the kitchen while you burn an image of the c: drive.

    y use a time-stamped template of your drive (something Adumptec does,i guess)? :wink: :wink:

    Again, windoze treats fast ata as scsi, not hard disc drive controller!
    HD controller is for native ide.

    <b><font color=blue>Brainy Sturgeon</b></font color=blue>
  4. I built a system for my partner using the A7V CUSL2 and installed a ATA/100 Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 45 HD without any problems. I used WinMe which already had all the updated drivers. Make sure you have updated drivers.
    I am confused though. If you have a ATA/100 drive with the proper cable, you should be running at ATA/100 speed. How did you downgrade it?

  5. I installed the ATA 100 Intel drivers in both 98 and 2K and it has seemed to work fine so far with the following hardware:

    Intel 800
    Asus CUSL2
    256MB RAM
    Plextor CDR
    Diamond MX300
    IBM 60GB and 13.1GB
    Adaptec SCSI card
    ATI All in Wonder Radeon

  6. I loaded the drivers from the Intel websight and had trouble. The first time i loaded them my cdrom didn't work and in the device manager it listed my brand as a scsi device. It also did this to my western digital HD once.
    I uninstalled those and finished setting up the rest of the comp after a new load of 2000 pro, I then loaded the SP1 from Windows Update and it had ATA 100 driver that run fine on this board.
    Specs: CUSL2
    Pent3 at 800 mhz
    Kingston PC133 128 ram
    Western digital 30 g HD
    Mitsumi Cdrom drive 50x
  7. I have a Abit SE6 815E system. Running a Maxtor 20.4 ATA 100, 7200 rpm drive on it at ATA-100. Havent had any data integrity problems. Have run the system in win2k and win8se without problems. I am using intel drivers off the abit cd. Im not sure what revision they are, but I know intel has updated ones on there website. I just havent got around to changing them yet. Dont really see a need to either.
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