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Windows 8 release?

So when will it be released? Any ideas how much pre-order would cost? Building a new computer and thought why not. Will it just absolutly not be a good idea to get Windows 8 when it first releases? I want to buy my computer parts before 11-11-11 (im gaming)
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  1. W8 isn't schedueled for release until mid/late 2012.
  2. No idea. Wait for the news. They may do a free upgrade if you buy W7 close enough to W8 release date.
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    Current estimates put it's release between mid-2012 and early 2013. Microsoft has not said anything either. These release dates are purely speculation right now.
  4. just get windows 8 now. you can play with the developers version right now. it works fine i have it on my laptop. it has bugs but not terrible.
    heres the link to get it.
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  6. From what i've seen from the devo build, there aren't many (good) features to distinguish it from Windows 7 in the high end gaming scene. A little lighter on your system but if you're running an i5 and 8 gigs of ram it won't matter in the least, and that's bound to change when they add on features. Comes with Microsoft Security Essentials preinstalled too, so weigh that into the equation.

    Pick up win7.
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