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I bought a new laptop recently with Windoes 7. (Never used Vista so I might have missed something I need to tweak) It seems as though a lot of links I hit these days are PDF forms. On this new computer, when I click a link it shows the PDF form load, gives me a pop up box simply saying ADOBE and an OK button to press. When I press the button everything just goes away! The only way I can see this stuff is if I "Save as" and obviously that's no good! Any advice?
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  1. Have you actually installed the Adobe Reader?
  2. Adobe Reader would work... but i really don't recommend it.
    I recommend using Foxit Reader. This can be found here
    its small (doesn't install extra crap adobe does) and doesn't have the security issues that adobe has been having recently
  3. I am also having pdf downloa issus with win7 ie9. my original post is at

    Please visit and read my issues. hopfully someone can come up with the right answer to my problem
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