Ie9 - 1 tab - over 200mb of ram

With 1 tab of Ie9 open the memory used exceeds 200mb in around 15 min. The memory used never decreases, but just increases when a new page is loaded or if you go back a page then forward. Refreshing sees no increase just a fluctuation. Each new page sees an increase of 10-30mb and this happens with every site! The max I've seen was 350mb and whilst watching videos it peaked at over 800mb. The only way to reset the memory is to close Ie9 and reopen.

I have run Ie9 with add-ons disabled, in safe mode, have reset Ie9, have done a system restore (though don't know if memory usage was ever normal) and have scanned with Norton. I have also briefly tried firefox which seemed to be the same (over 100mb in a few min). Have read that Ie9 with 1 tab open should use a max of 30mb.

What's wrong with mine, any advice would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would read the removing malware sticky and run those tools, norton is ok but its not the best at finding virus and malware infections.
  2. I followed that guide completly and no malware were found and the problem still remains. Thanks for the help though. Any other ideas?
  3. Have you tried going back to IE8?
  4. What kind of memory usage? If you have RAM to spare, it could just be using big chunks of inactive memory when no other application needs the space. Is this usage pushing your maximum RAM?
  5. Memory usage in Ie8 was the same. :(

    @kajabla: I have 2gb of memory and so at around 50-70% usage (whilst running just Ie9) I have 600mb - 1gb free. I have never been running enough programms to be using the whole 2gb so I don't know if it is "pushing my maximum RAM". However, inactive memory or not, it still should not be using that much!
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