Scythe Ninja Plus vs. ZALMAN CNPS7700

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i couldn't get help at the gamespot tech hardwar forum so i'm coming here, old reliable tgz.

i've been stressing over this for awhile and i need to clear this up and i'm hoping u guys can help me. now please give facts to support your opinion because the outcome of this will determine what i get and i don't want my money to go to waste by purchasing the not better one of these two :( . also don't mind the price. thanks in advance. :D

Scythe Ninja Plus

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  1. Sorry to tell you this, but the Scythe Ninja has been discountinued.

    Of the two HSF you listed I would choose the Ninja. In fact that is what I have. You don't need to use the fan if you only do a mild overclock. But for hot running CPUs or for extreme overclocks, it is highly recommend that you use the fan. The fan itself is pretty quiet even running a full speed.

    I am currently overclocking my E6600 to 2.7GHz and I am using the fan. The idle temp is 39C and load temp is 53C. I'll be OC'ing to 3.0GHz soon enough once I finish some testing.

    Anywaste, the Ninja has been replaced by the Scythe SCINF-1000 120mm (Scythe Infinity) There is a rumor that the Ninja is only temporarily discontinued so that a newer version will be made available that will also be compatible with socket AM2. However, that is just a rumor.
  2. One other thing. Based on many owners of the Zalman 7700 over at, the fan is a bit louder than the Scythe Ninja's fan and the older Zalman 7000 HSF. The Zalman 9500 HSF is even louder in comparision.
  3. Yeah I have to hurry up and buy another one. I always ran the Ninja passive and the Infinity doesn't look like a heatsink that will do well in that situation.
  4. Son of a bitch! I had 2 stores bookmarked that showed they still had the Ninja in stock. Now they don't, gg Scythe F-U!
  5. I've been using the p180 for a while. I have 3 case fans which are Nexus 120mm, 2 of them running at 7v. Here's my setup, it's an old pic when I was using Yate Loons. I'm going to make a duct too from the exhaust to the Ninja. I've made one before from cardboard to see how effective it was. Didn't do much for cpu temps, but I noticed a drop (about 4C) in PWM temp. That's an x2 4400+ in that pic. CPU temp when idle/browsing the net, etc is about 30-32C. The highest it ever hit under full load or gaming for hours was 48C. I think the ducted Ninja and Nexus exhaust will do nicely for a C2D, looking at a 6400 or 6600.

    The top fan opening is also blocked. The Infinity's fin spacing is just too dense I think to be an effective passive cooler. Looking at SPCR's review it doesn't even beat the Ninja when using a fan. Not to mention I'm not comfortable with a 1kg tower heatsink hanging off my board. Bigger isn't always better.

  6. will the infinity drop in price? thanks for the responses.
  7. Hey 2k7zero, I've read a review here the shows that the Ninja does beat the Infinity. Despite the fact that the Infinity is larger, the Ninja is superior. The Ninja should be available on Newegg on 9-21. I'd wait until then, that's what I am doing.
  8. alright thanks. that's what i'm going to do too. 2c difference won't convince me to dish $10 more dollars.
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