Audigy installation Issues on XP ProSP2- HELP PLEASE!!!!!


Yesterday night I was reinstalling Windows XP Pro, when the process was done, I received a message saying "Multimedia Sound card found" in my Device Manager and in the main screen in XP. Before I reinstalled the XP , the Audigy sound card was working fine. Now when I try to install the card using the Creative Drivers, it says that there is not any Creative product installed and the setup will close.

I resinked the card in different PCI slots but the issue continues, also I checked the BIOS and the config is OK.

Checking some other Forums on Internet, it says that this could be an IRQ problem on XP.

But I'm not sure about this. I really appreciate the help received on this.

Have a good one


Proc: Athlon XP2100+
Memory: Spectek 512MB DDR PC2700
MB: MSI KT4V 400Mhz
Video: MSI FX5700LE 256MB
Sound card***: Creative Audigy 5.1
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  1. During my recent build, same thing with my Audigy card.

    I had to install it with the CD that came with the card, it would not let me use the usual "install my own drivers" deal, I had to use their cd, installed fine, then went and updated the drivers online.

    Don't know why this card requires this.
  2. Interesting... I reinstalled Windows XP and Creative drivers without a hitch on my dad's PC with an Audigy 2 series sound card.

    Try uninstalling the device from the Device Manager. NEVER let Windows install a device like that by itself (at least I don't).

    After that, use the latest drivers and if that don't work, try the original CD.

    EDIT: I bought his Audigy 2 as an OEM. I guess you had bad luck if it's an OEM problem...sorry.
  3. I had that problem with my audigy2 value oem, I think you should try webupdate it "" "software autoupdate"(it never ever worked with me) or download the driver manually"downloads" i think the filename is "Audio DriverSBAX_WEBUP_LB_2_08_0004.exe", if this doesn't work :? , use the original cd drivers :( .
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