P5W DH Deluxe newbie (HD)Instalation help desperately needed

HI, I have just build a system yesterday with the components listed in my sig, i had great dificulty instaling my 2 IDE hd's and my dvd (ide) drive, as well as my cd-rw drive(ide) after that 5 or so hours i managed to get the system running but with only 1 hd, and the dvd drive, but i would like to use all all of my drives, so far i know that the blue IDE connector on the mobo supports atapi (the optical drives) and the other one(black one) doesnt even recognise them (no atapi support) I have tried many combinations of conecting all 2 hd's and those 2 optical drives, but unfortunetly all failed. I had to be able to use the pc by today so finaly at 3:15 am after i just got the 1 hd, and the dvd player working, and installed windows i just gave up...i was just happy that i had windows installed so i could use ms office.

Is there anyone that would know how should i set up this hardware so i would be able to use both (those 2)hd's and 2 optical drives?

P.S. I connected the hd and the dvd drive to the blue ide connector(on the mobo) ...a bit weird, but the optical drive is the frst one conected to the ribon cable, then in the middle i have the hd(there is quite a bit of a distance in my case betwean the upper (optical) drive slots, and the hd cage, the hd is set to master(in its jumpers)and the dvd drive is set to slave(in the back jumpers)....but the weird thing is that the bios recognizes this as teh "third hd master, and the third optical slave" which is quite weird...or is it normal, and it does not have to be the primary master/slave(which i always had on my old pc)

btw the whole system seams to be slow, just after i installed windows, at times it is even slower than my previouse pc(pIV 1.7, 512mb, of ram, and ati's radeon 7500aiw) this all seams a bit weird, but shouldnt this build be much much faster? even if I am instaling lets say an app the 1 core is almost maxed out, the second is maby 10% but the entire system slowes down to almost a halt(and it did stop couple times, for about 3 or 4 seconds)...could it be the memory(it was recognized without issues), btw where in the bios do i set up the ram timing? (i saw no option to do so), btw im using win xp home, sp2 version 2002(and i also had some issues with sp2 on my old build thats why i stayed with sp1 not sp2 , is that maby the case? how can i deleate sp2? (i used to do that in the add/remove apps, in the control panel, but now its not even isible)

Thank You for all replies, greately aprecieated.
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  1. I also tried to install a game thich i installed on my old pc it took me nearly 3 hours to install it (battle for middle earth 2 , about 5 gigs), i think it was 2hours and 35 minutes, and on the old pc it took me i think around 40 minutes (max) so this all seams to be quite weird, but actualy when i run the game it worked all fine without any issues all setings on high

    and also is this normal? why do i have so so many primary, and secondary drives listed in my device manager?
    hers alink to the screanshot of it:


    thx for replies
  2. That picture is because of the SATA ports on your board, so don't worry about them. My better question is are you positive that power supply can handle all of the parts? I had a 480-Watt PSU when I switched to this board (The Antec NeoPower-480 to be exact) and that sucker couldn't hang. I replaced it with a 600-Watt Xion PSU and it works like a champ.

    Now granted my experience with PATA hard disks on this board is limited since I've been using SATA hard disks for two years now. I can honestly say that the side PATA-IDE connector is specifically for Optical Drives (CD/DVD Rom Drives) and the Bottom PATA-IDE connector near the PCI slots is for Hard Disk Drives. No mixing and matching, otherwise they will not recognize and/or result in a no boot situation. (took me about an hour of mixing and matching parts before I figured out optical drives can ONLY be plugged into the side connector)

    If you could provide the full technical part list of your rig I might be able to see more, like all the drives etc... Thanks.
  3. Hi, thx for the reply, were can i find a complete list of drivers? So far i installed everything that came with the motherboard cd(the shound drivers, wireless drivers(althou I will not be using it) , i got the ati cataclyst drivers, logitech mouse drivers.

    btw i tired connecting the dvd drive to the blu connector as slave, and the hd to the black one (on the botom of the mothertboard) as master inthe jumpers and the bios only recognized the dvd drive, and did not even recognize the hd, is it posible that the hd is treated as atapi?(so it does not recognize it?) also later on the instaled windows didnt work in this configuration it showed that 5 or 6 lines of text stating that some hardware chyanges were made, and that caused the issues.

    this is the list of the hardware that i am using:
    -asus p5w dh deluxe motherboard
    -core 2 duo e6600
    - sapphire radeon x850xt
    -2 gigs of corsair xms2 ddr2 800 ram (5-5-5-12)
    -200gb hd
    -pioneer dvd player
    -Thermaltake purepower 480W psu(peak output 550W)(18A, only 1 rail))

    and i wanted to add another 40gb hd, and a Yamaha F1 cd-rw drive (it was recognized when i swapped it with the dvd player)

    so could the slow boot, and noise problems be caused by a not sufficient psu? I would say the psu is fine, when i played a game (far cry just to check it out) i could put all visuals on high/ultra, with the gpu fan running on max, and i had no lagg whatsoever at all,

    and i also checked the pc probe 2 that came on the cd with the mobo and it showes my voltages a bit abofe what they should be, the 12+V is 12.14, +5v is 5.17, +3.3V is 3.38, v core is 1.30v/1.32 v , cpu temp is 35C, mobo is 41C, cpu fans speed is 1088rpm, power is 2177rpm(dont know if this helpes in anything but just copied the readouts from pc probe.

    inregards to noise, whenever windows played a sound lets say even the initial llogin/windows start sound the sound did shutter, and break(as if a vinil tape would be played andthen someone stoped it with his finger), but when i tried to play a sample music file from windows media player there was no issue, also when i was configuring the dh sound options using that dolby digital wizard with that 3d sound, the sound was perfect, i just have no clue whats wrong

    also everything seams to be so slow, even when i move the mouse sursor it seams to be a bit "laggy", atleast a bit more than it was on mu old pc, and when i use 1 aplication lets say the windows media player the entire system is a bit bugged down and the cpu (1 core) deosnt even go above 20, and the second core is usually 10%, even while installing things the max i saw of the first core go to 50% (around that), is there maby an issue with the motherboard itselfe? or is it a not sufficient psu?

    one more thing, the boot takes a wery long time, with my old pc it took max 2 minutes (or 2:20) and now it takes me good 5 minutes to even see the desktop, not mentioning loading all things, and after i see the windows loading bar(the blue thingy that moves to the right at begining) the monitor turns black for about 209 seconds and then I see the windows starting screan (the welcome to windows one)

    Honestly i have no idea whats wrong with all this, did i maby configure my bios incorectly, is there maby a place where i could check which bios setings should be disabled, or enebled, and other options,

    when i checked the resources that were used (i forgot how to do it) there were a lot of them and there were some conflicts i think 6 or 7 mainly with the sapphire x850xt, so maby this is the main cause of the problems

    thx for the replies
  4. I dont know if this might help a bit but hers a list of components that i have installed:


    how do i get to see all the drivers installed? ant that hardware conflicts page? i think that might be the main cause of my "lagging" problems(just my opinin) then i could take a screanshot of that as well, that might help in the problem solving
  5. The "laggy" problem you have is what you get when Windows is failing to initialize the video drivers. Try reinstalling your ATI drivers from the CD (If you already did that use the website). This happens sometimes, I had it when I had an X800XT. There is no real hardware conflicts page, but you can go to the device manager to see if anything is coming up with a yellow question or exclamation mark.

    The PSU might be ok then, the BIOS seems to also be on the latest version. What model/manufacturer are the 2 CD/DVD drives and the 2 HDD's? It is possible one of them has special concerns to take into account.

    *EDIT* The picture you posted above is for DirectX troubleshooting, try expanding everything in device manager and posting a screenshot of that. Might give me more of an idea of whats in the box.
  6. thank you very much for the fast reply, the hd is a maxtore 200gb(i also have a western digital 40gb (but i have data on it that i didnt want to loose thats why i didnt play much with it but it did react identicaly as the other hd ) the dvd drive is a 117va but in the device manager it "calls it" the 117R, i have no woarnings in the devica manager, but something is new now a realtek wireles is now with an red X(but i gues thats because i disabled it )

    screanshots of of the devica manager:



  7. btw i only downloaded the drivers form ati (the newest catalyst) i didnt use the cd taht came with the sapphire's card, should i use that oneinstead? those drivers on the cd are old (i think cataclyst 4 something old)
  8. I'm at work, so I'm checking this periodically. Whoa lunch time! Anyway, yes remove the current catalyst drivers and use the one from the CD, then once they are installed see if they fix that laggy problem. If they do, go ahead and install the latest catalyst over top of them. If not, well I'll have to think about that. Thats a strange DVD Drive, I'll look up the model after lunch, the 40GB drive will need to be the slave. The 200 should be set as master, both should be plugged into the black controller. And not to be a douchebag, but make sure all the power plugs and IDE cables are firmly connected, never hurts to be sure.
  9. Thank You for Your time, I myselfe have to leave home soon(in about 30 to 45 minutes)and i will be back late in the evening.
    I will check out the drivers from the cd in a moment and report on it as soon as i manage to do so.

    In regards to the hd's i tried to connect 1 hd(200gb one) on its own to the black (botom) ide connection set as master and the dvd drive to the blue conection set as slave, teh result was that only the dvd drive got recognized, the hd did not, it seams that only the ble connection recognizes both the hd, and the optical(atapi) drives, i find this to be quite odd, i thought that i will be able to plug in those 2 optical drives to the blue connection, and the 2 hd's to the black connection (with master/slave settings respectively) but i gues i was wrong, I will try it again as soon i try to install the new(old cd) drivers(althou i might not manage to do so before i leave, and then i will be back late today past 8pm (eastern time), ill report on the results as soon as possible.

    I just hope that it is not a motherboard issue(the hd/optical problems, and the sound issues), and i would not have to rma it back

    Thank You again for the help, much aprecieated.
  10. Set all drives to Cable Select (CS)! The connector furthest from the middle connector goes to the motherboard. The middle connector will be Slave and the end connector will be Master. Disable SATA controllers/Ports. Both HDs should go on Primary, both optical drives on secondary. Check BIOS is set to Autodetect.
  11. i found out that i needed a monitor driver, my monitor is not recognized, i found a mad innovisin driver, but the way they describe it on their siter(the install does not work i do not even have any options to open from) i remember there was another way to inastall the dirvers just to put it in a file folder somewhere in the windows folder, but i forgot how to do it, i tried the install new hardware but the pc didnt recognize it at all.
    i uninstalled so far the old drivers, actualy with no drivers the "jumping" of the mouse dissapeared so i guess it was all a driver issue, You were right thank You, and i could not install the original drivers from the cd, because it stated that i need to install the drivers for the vga, and now i dont know how to do that, ill be here for the next couple of minutes, then i have to leave, and ill try to work on it when i come back.
  12. This forum, and this thread in particular has alot of info on fixes for the board.

  13. What are the brands of HDDs you are trying to use? I have a WD 200GB hdd that causes a real delay at boot and is not detected if is on a chain with a different brand of hdd (tried a maxtor and a seagate with no luck). Hooked up my WD 250gb and all is good, or leaving it alone was good. The only way I could get the WD and a non WD to work together was on an addon pata raid controller....
  14. That is very strange. It should not need a VGA driver to install the Catalyst drivers. Catalyst IS the VGA driver. Now what might be the case is it has no monitor driver, and thus can't install Catalyst. Where did you get the monitor drivers from? Link me!
  15. hi hers a link that i got from the lcd manufacturer's site

    http://www.maginnovision.com/download.htm it is the first link there are many fioles in the folder after downloading it (each one is ment to be used with specific monitors) i have a magg innovisions lcd model #: 780 product number: LT765 so i have to look for the right file there i did this about 2 or 3 years ago, i forgot how to do it now, i had to simply copy and paste it in a right file in the c:\ windows if im not mistaken (somewhere there), i forgot where precisely

    in regards to the hd's i have a 200gb maxtor, and a 40gb western digital, at present the 300gb one works with the dvd drive (only these 2 things worked, or others, but only 2 that is only 1 hd and 1 optical drive , didnt mater if it was the western digital or maxtor, or the dvd drive, or the cd burner) :(
  16. hers what happened with the vga, so i geuess ill just download the cataclyst (the newest one) atleast ehn i could see something, now honestly im getiong a bit noshius lol the screan is blury and all moves a bit, and even the refrest itselfe is very very slow (even when i scroll a webpage to write this)...hope it will work

  17. thx for 4 the linq, i learned quite a bit about some things there not particularly helping my case with the hd's and all but I found there interestin, and very helpful information there, thx again.
  18. ok lol...just got it, I HAVE GOOD NEWS :D IT ALL WORKS (except my video issues) ....lol brace Yourselfe for the answer to both the hd and optical drives issue, and the "sound issue", they were both "fixed at once", if i may say so, honeslty i would never thought of this but that "either You (the pc) or I will win here" feeling overcame me after yet another atmept to set the optical drives, and the dh'2 (it took me almost 2.5 hours ...today but i did it)
    and here is how it goes(skiping the "most boring" parts) :wink:

    I tried to just plug in the hd (only 1 hd that had windows installed on it) it didnt show up at all, when conected to the botom black ide connection, so i plugged it to the blue conection , and it worked, so i aded a second hd, and both were recognized on the blue conection, now i tried to put the optical drives(od) on the black conection but they were not recognized, all things (the hd or the od's) were recognized when they were conected to the blue conection on the motherboard, but it seames as if the black ide conection didnt work at all with anything at all, after about an hour of rechecking the pins, and the cables(went threw 3 different ribon types of cables, the ones supplied with the mobo, and others i had before, the more"aerodinamic ones" :wink: , nothing woked, i finaly connected the 2 hd's to the black conection, and the 2 od's to the black one, and finaly when i booted just when i usually did hit delete to go to bios to check id the hardware was recognized, I just decided to let it go, and not hit the delete key, and I waited to see what eror will apear this time, but nothing hapened, all went well, the windows screan apeared, then the welcome one, and then the desktop, and all this since i turned on the pc till the desktop was loaded just took a minute and 15 seconds (nice and fast compared to what was before almost 5 minutes), so all in all even if bios does not recognize a particular optical device it might still work in windows, (checked them the dvd drive did play movies, so not only they "are", in windows but also tey work) ....i would never have thought of this, i thought that if its not recognized it will not "be there"

    lol Im so happy that it al woked out so far, I just hope that I will not have any surprises such as the system will fail one day, or the drives will "dissapear on me", is there any chance of that happening in this case? that is bios doesnt see it, and windows does ? Was then something wrong with the motherboard itselfe? lol maby the black, blue conectors were "misplaced" during asembly, hopefully this will not cause any issues further down the road.

    Thank You all for the help and sugestions to my problems, now there is one more:

    How do I fix my driver issue? hm....I might give it another try to install the newest cataclyst drivers, and see what happens, i might get lucky and maby there will be no more "gittering", maby the whole hd connections helped, if that fixed the sound issues that i had before, maby the video wil work out as well, I will report back as soon as I can.
  19. Well most monitors simply use the generic Windows VGA driver, oddly enough yours doesn't. For WindowsXP (I assume with your new rig it's XP, anything less would be a shame) place the ICM file into C:\Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color LOL but after reviewing your folder of files, if you extract them all to a folder on your desktop, and simply right click on the INF file, and press Install, it will place them all into the correct folder, and register it to the system, then simply reboot and you should be smokin. Load Catalyst afterwards and you should be done.
  20. Hi, I did install the catalyst as i mentioned yesterday, it installed itselfe without any issues, and after I installed it the yellow questionmarks in the device manager dissapeared, so i gues it was all tied to the hard drive issue, which i find a bit weird, but i guess they audio and video were both dependant upon the hd's. Thank You for all the help, btw there is one minor thing I would like to ask about, now everytime i reboot, and get to the desktop a JMicron JR036x RAID failure message pops out, the one which states that there have been an issue and would i like o inform microsoft of it one, should i reinstall the drivers for Jmicron which came on the cd with the motherboard?

    Thank You.
  21. Well its probably easier to not risk it, unless your planning to use RAID on the regular SATA ports (not the orange EZ_Backup ones) just go into the device manager and disable the RAID controller. But if you are planning to use RAID on the standard SATA ports, then yea go ahead and reinstall it.
  22. Ok, thx for the advice, I am not planing on using sata drives till my master drive dies on me :wink:, so far i think 200gb and that 40from the other hd) is plenty for me so far, Thank You again for all the help.

    btw is this teh one i should disable?


  23. Yes. That is the one.
  24. Thx I wil disable that one then, hopefully the hd's will work(considering they are conected to the black JMicron ide controler. :wink:
  25. They are using the JMicron South Bridge, but the controller (as windows percieves it) is specifically SATA RAID, the JMicron does not support PATA RAID, as stated in the manual. So you should be ok.
  26. lol I hope so , lol the manual was wrong before :wink: in stating that atapi hardware can not be working in the black ide connector :wink: .....and they did work fine
  27. HI, I have one more question how do i check if my memory is configured corectly, i think the bios recognizes my ddr2 800 ram as 533(or so) which options in the bios should i enter to change these options? and i guess I will not need to change the timings (5-5-5-12)

    Thank You.
  28. After reading this whole saga, Just had to make a few comments:

    The JMicron is the slowest and buggiest part on an otherwise very good motherboard. It has been well documented to cause your kind of problems when hooking up to various hard disks. You should get the latest drivers from JMicron off the internet. The ones that came on the ASUS CD are known to be of poor quality. The latest drivers will fix most problems people have had using this part but it continues to be very dependent upon the hardware attached.

    I would HIGHLY recommend you save whatever is of value off of those two old drives and then use them as paper weights. You have a nice top-of-the-line setup here and then you are compromising with old hard drives that have caused most of your problems and stress. If you really value what is on those old HDs, you want to save it now.

    This motherboard was designed for SATA drives, not IDE. Get something like a new WD 320 GB SATA2 (7200 rpm plus 16 MB cache) for $90 plus shipping and plug it into the red SATA1 connector. The advantages are many including: much faster speed, higher reliability, sata health checking that warns you when the drive is about to fail, plus lower power needs (replacing 2 old HD with 1 new HD), and the new WD SATA will be very quiet.

    NOTE: to use a sata drive in your system you need to setup as follows:
    Backup the data on those old HDs. Then remove them and install the new WD Sata. Get latest Intel AHCI drivers for ICH7R south bridge from Intel's website. Load these to a floppy. On bootup of system, go into Bios, Main screen, IDE Configuration, set to "AHCI". save, and exit. Reboot system with Windows install disk and when it asks if you have drivers to install (option to hit F6) say yes and use the floppy. Make sure you load the proper driver since there are several on the floppy. You must scrol down off screen, not obvious, and get to the ICH7R AHCI driver. Continue with install as normal. It will ask for the floppy one more time after a reboot but that will be all.

    I think you will also be able to speed up your boot time as well if you can then just disable the JMicro (after you install a new sata drive) plus if you don't use the MB fan connectors, disable them as well or at least the ones your are not using.

    I would also recommend you get rid of the onboard wireless transmitter. Need to remove a screw on the underside of the MB, so it is a pain to get access. If you don't plan to use this feature, just remove it. No way to disable this within Bios, unfortunately.

    One more caution, don't use the USB 3/4 connectors for anything you frequently disconnect or turn of/off. These 2 have special functionality for use with the remote control and some attached devices in these 2 ports cause unexpected on/off power to MB. You have 6 others so, avoiding these two shouldn't be a big problem.

    Good Luck,

  29. Quote:
    After reading this whole saga, Just had to make a few comments:
    Get latest Intel AHCI drivers for ICH7R south bridge from Intel's website. Load these to a floppy. On bootup of system, go into Bios, Main screen, IDE Configuration, set to "AHCI". save, and exit. Reboot system with Windows install disk and when it asks if you have drivers to install (option to hit F6) say yes and use the floppy.

    Can someone provide a direct link to the current AHCI drivers on Intels website?
  30. Quote:

    Can someone provide a direct link to the current AHCI drivers on Intels website?

    Below is the link which leads to the the Intel Matrix Storage Manager latest version (No. 1 on the list) and the matching utility to make the F6 procedure floppy disk (No. 7 on the list) - you just have to enter your Operating System to go to the list:

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager and F6 Driver Floppy Utility

  31. Are you sure this is the correct one? I downloaded this and made the F6 disk but when it comes up it lists ICH8R not ICH7R and when I select it (8R) it says no hard disks are installed and exits windows install...
  32. Did you scroll down the list that appears when you insert the floppy after F6'ing? - the ICH7R driver is off the view in the list and needs to be scrolled down to.
  33. actualy i cant disable(i acan , but...) the JMicron, when i do so my optical drivers are just not recognized in windows, in regards to the ide hd's why would i throw them away if they work fine, didnt have any issues with them at all in my old pc, or since i did set up the new pc (after those problems), i just dont see the need of throwing away the next $100 or so for a hd that is a bit faster on boots, and overall, i mean honestly i did spend a bit less than i planned, but im saving up for a new gpu (the dx10, ill probably get one next summer or winter, when the price craze will go down :wink: ). I mean if the drives worked fine for the past 2 weeks or so now without any issues at all i think they should be reliable , i think i got one hd about a year a go, and the other about 1.5 or 2 years ago, these are my 5th or so hd's since i got the old pc in 2001, so they are not the "original" oldie ones that came with the old oc.

    does anyone know how can I change the memory setings in the bios? thx
  34. Can someone please explain how illuminatrix solved his problem? I dont think I understand because I did connect the hdds to the bottom connector and the ods to the side connector and my comp still recognises only the hardware attached to the side connector.
    What shoul be the bios settings for a 4 IDE setup? Maybe I got the settings wrong...
    Please help, im about to throw the thing out the window... I have been trying and trying for 2 weeks now :cry:
  35. hi, i dont have time now but maby later on in the evening today ill be able to, basicaly u should not conect anything like the instructions tell u u have to conect the hd's to the botom ide conector(if u have ide hd's) and the optical drives to the top/side one, enable jmicron in the bios, install the drivers for it in windows(it wont work anyway, but after i uninstalled it my optical drws stope3d working, so i gues part od the driver works) g2g sorry, not enough time, but reply with ur results btw for most stuf i have auto bios options if u get hd to work and all then u can mess with the rest after u get windows and all to work corectly.
    take care, hope this helped a bit
  36. If I enable Jmicron in BIOS it wont boot. It will say something like select propper boot drive or insert boot media. And even if I try to install windows (it is already installed anyway) at the first restart it will say select propper boot drive again.
    The way its working now is set up like this:
    2 HDDs on the side connector
    JMicron disabled
    Enhanced mode

    I tryed it so many ways and it just doesnt work...
    Awaiting reply.
    Thank you...
  37. lol not enough time again, but here it is 2 hd's (ide ) should conected to the botom conector, opticals to the side conector, btw do u have ur master slave pins corectly set? the hd or whatever that is on the last conection that is not the midle one is always a master , the one in middle is a slave(if i got it corect) the optical drive (1 or 2 i dont know how many u have) should be set to master but on the last conector) ok now if u have windows installed, just turn on the pc and wait do not go into bios setings the bios actualy never gets to acept this conection corectly(believe me took me couple days to realize this) just let the entire boot sequesnce pass after u get that green non recognized hardware" info just wait till u see the windows logo and all goes well as ussal then, after u see it, tehn u can go back to bios and mess with the setings, althou teh main setings should be configured teh first time (just my opinon, i gues thats the best) btw in bios enable the jmicorn and all its setings below and i think set ur sata to ide style(mode) i would have to check my bios, but all should work fine, btw did u update ur bios? (lol anyways i think u would have to do it later in windows(but u can do it alsoin bios but if ur cpu and all is recognizeddont bother now , later)
  38. Could you please check your BIOS for JMicron and IDE Settings and tell me what yours are...
    And could you explain again where each component goes...
    Because I have HDDs on the bottom connector, and opticals on the side connector and the jumpers are ok I think because if I set my hdds or ods to the side connector they get recognized. Only when I set them to the bottom connector they dont show up. I have flashed to the latest BIOS (14.07 i think)
    Im getting pi$$ed :x
    And I dont have enough money to buy a SATA HDD ...
    Please reply soon or im going to throw this crap out the window
  39. lol chill a bit lol ;)

    "Because I have HDDs on the bottom connector, and opticals on the side connector and the jumpers are ok I think because if I set my hdds or ods to the side connector they get recognized."

    ok thats the way it should be, hds on botom optical on side(but not acording to the manual) dont cvhange these conection now the only thing u have to work on is bios (lol i have the older version of it , didint even know the new one is out, i stil have the 13..one) i think the sata thing (i forgot exactly) should be set to IDE mode (or something like ti) all ur jmicron stuf should be set to auto or enabled(i think it was enabled) dont wory about whats recognized and whats not, just let the system boot up till it pases all windows, and (in my case) it sais that my 2 optical drives are not recognized, then in about 10 seconds i get teh windoes logo, and all goes to windows, dont wory that it shows u the nonj recognized stuff in bios, ull be fine in widows, this mobo is crapy for ide users, but there is a way around it as i sugested, if ur hd's work there is no need for sata, unles u need that litle speed bust(which is not worth it, in my opinion), report back how it all turned out m8, ill try to respond more when i boot up next time, i just have loads of work to do and not enough time, but ill try to help out.
  40. Finally got it... It works like a dream now...
    Thanks man... I love you :lol:
    Thanks again
  41. np, I went through it myselfe, and remember what grief it acused me lol, im glad i could help out :) , thats what these forums are for, btw just out of curiosity do u get a jmicorn erroe when u boot up ur pc when it goes to windows? i used to have that issue, but it kindof stoped about after a week or so when i used nortons scan
  42. No errors, boots like a dream.
    Clean as a whistle.
  43. nice, glad to hear it, enjoy :), btw what hardware did u ad to it , just curious?
  44. ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
    Core 2 Duo E6600
    ATI Radeon X1900XTX
    2GB of Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800Mhz Ram 55512
    Antec True Power 2.0 500 W PSU
    Antec TX1050B Black MiniTower Case

    its my first high performance rig, till now i had only budget builds...
  45. lol nice almost all the same components as i do, but i went eith a 850xt because ill be geting a dx10 card about next christmas , so i didnt want to spend much on any good card now, and teh 850xt was the cheapest i could find, but so far im pleased with it, but the only thing tahat bothers me is no sm3 :( , ...enjoy ur build m8 :)
  46. well, I couldnt wait for the dx10 cards, i bought this build because i was in the USA this summer working with a student visa and it was cheaper then in my country
    either way i couldnt have afforded this if i were to have baught it home...
  47. by the way did you overclock it?
    are you going to if you didn't ?
  48. the gpu? i heard that there is not much gain from ocing the gpu i have maby 2 or 3 frames more in some games fo i gues i might not, but i was thinking abou treplacig the hsf, honestly its realy loud, and quite anoying, i used ATITool to level the fan speeds, but at that 70C its realy unberable, and honestly i dont play games with much volume, just so im able to hear whats happnieng, so it realy begun to bother me, not to mentione the 100% fan thats just ridiculus lol ;)
  49. mine is loud only at boot, then it calms down...
    i was asking about the e6600 cpu if you are going to overclock it...
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