Have a pump, radiator, and some Tygon, suggestions please?

I wasn't really planning on water cooling, but I happened to get my hands on a Danger Den D5 pump, 7ft. of 1/2" Tygon tubing and a Black Ice Extreme radiator for almost nothing, so now I'm interested in picking up the balance of parts to water cool my machine but am a little confused w/ blocks to use due to pressure drop, flow rates etc... My head is just spinning from all the reading and math.

I plan on getting a second BIX so that I will have a total of 2. I can't put a BIX2 in my case it's too long, but I can manage two BIXs.

Final hardware list would be.
2 x BIX radiators
2x120mm fans (can I go with quiet 1000rpm Yate/Nexus, or do I need major CFM's > 40ish for these rads?)
DD D5 12v pump
CPU block (is the D5 good for restrictive blocks like the Storm or MP-05, or should I be looking into Apogee or Whitewater?)
GPU block (was thinking a Maze4 because that's what I've been seeing a lot of folks using, or should I be looking for something else?)
Was going to just run a length of tube off a T to fill it, I'm not really into the reservoir thing.

Lastly is the order, some people say CPU right after pump, some say CPU after GPU, and others CPU after a rad, or with two rads I could put one before or after each.
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  1. That pump should be able to push though two BIX IIs and a CPU water block.

    The order as it seems does not matter, but most of us like to put the pump before the water block.

    I think a storm is a better choice, but if you do get it, its restrictive....

    Yes BIX IIs are kinda thick so you will want some decent fans.... If you use deltas you can feel the air move though the rad but they are a tad noizy.... If you use some cheap fans then maybe set up push pull on your rad because crap fans wont cut the cake....
  2. First thing - that pump is plenty powerful enough for your intentions - it's the same model as the MCP655 from Swiftech (317gph). Using 2 rads puts you in a nice position and can give you several options for setting up the cooling loop.

    As the most critical component of any computer system, I think that the CPU should benefit from the best characteristics of the cooling system. That being said, having the pump force coolant into the CPU FIRST is something I would recommend. It would benefit from the best flow and would move heat out quicker than if it were the second stage waterblock.

    You should run the rads in an alternating pattern so that the CPU and the GPU waterblocks will be getting coolant which has had heat removed from a rad that sits behind it. The mase4 GPU waterblock is nice and has low flow restrictions but you'll need to put ram sinks on the videoram. If you get a low profile maze4 GPU then you may have to shave one ram sink depending on which videocard you are using.

    I'd recommend you setting up your loop to something like this:

    pump - CPU waterblock - rad - GPU waterblock - rad - back to pump

    Personally, I'm against two MAJOR waterblocks being in a loop where flow goes from one into the other as you are adding the heat acquired off of one into the other BEFORE it is cooled by a rad. That defeats the purpose of having a cooling solution because it would rob the effectiveness of the loop to cool the part.
  3. Do you think that having two separate BIX's will create too much of a restriction in the loop, especially if I go with a highly restrictive GPU cooler such as the storm or MP-05 series? This is one of the things that got me questioning using the storm/MP-05 in the loop. People speak of how the BIX's create a lot of pressure drop and that the D5 doesn't have that much head.
  4. Look at my sig, where I've listed my cooling loops. In one of my loops I am using an MCP655, which is the same thing as the pump you will be using - just branded differently. In my loop, I've got a Peltier waterblock, a GPU waterblock and TWO externally mounted DUAL 120mm rads. My pump handles it with ease. Who told you that the pump didn't have much head? Were they smoking crack when they told you this? It is rated at over 10ft. There aren't that many pumps that are as quiet as your pump and as powerful with the kind of performance it gives.

    DD D5 = MCP655


    You have to understand something - while it may be true that there is some dropoff in pressure and flow - everything affects a cooling loop. So, if you worry yourself about all that just too much you'll go nutz. The pressure and flow dropoff shouldn't concern you in this case. In fact, you could add larger rads and another waterblock and still you'd be fine.

    Before my current setup, I used to use a Danger Den Koolsah GPU waterblock instead of my current ViperFang II. It looks nice and cools the videoram somewhat. However, it's a helluva flow restrictor. Yet, in that loop, my peltier stayed cool and my GPU (an XFX 7900 GTX Extreme) stayed at a nice 38 degrees celsius. So, if you are concerned about the effect the two rads "might" have on your cooling loop - don't worry about it. It's negligible.
  5. Thanks Phreejak for the input, it's exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping to get.
  6. rofl isn't the viperfang just a modded apogee?
  7. Yes...partly it is. But, he did some redesigning of that block. It's hugely effective and low flow restrictive. ViperJohn - he specializes in TEC cooling and custom makes the ViperFang and ViperVenom lines of waterblocks - has made quite a name for himself in GPU waterblock areas.
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