How to get a Non-Raid Sata working with RAID0

Hi Guyz

I have to WD sata2 in raid0. I plugged a sata hd from my old computer into my new one and tried by now every controler on my Asus p5w dh deluxe but it doesn't seem to work.

It seems that the Bios does not detect the HD but for some reason the controler detects it. Maybe there is something wrong with the BIOS settings.

Please advise

Thanks in advance
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  1. Do they have same capacities ?

    I think you have to re-build the array.
  2. Quote:
    Do they have same capacities ?

    I think you have to re-build the array.

    The Raid0 Works perfect its just that the third HD is not being detected by the BIOS but by the controller.
  3. If the individual ports aren't raid/non-raid selectable, you'll need to use a different controller. The boards I've worked with allow you to enable/disable the raid controller and also enable/disable raid for each port on that controller.
  4. Another idea to try...If the 3rd hard drive is being detected by the controller, you may need to go into the controller's BIOS and set the 3rd drive to JBOD, and then go into windows disk manager to import the new drive and format it so it is useable space...good luck!
  5. Its not always called JBOD, but its very common to have to add a non-RAID drive to some sort of single drive array to get it recognized by a RAID capable controller.
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