New builder AM2 Mobo,4200 dual core,geforce 7600gt?Help!

Hello people, am building my first system and just after a bit of help. I am building a system which consists of this motherboard bundle-Motherboard Bundle - AMD X2 4200 AM2, Heatsink and Fan, 1024MB DDR2 533 RAM, Asus AM2 Motherboard

the link is below:

The graphics card i choose is a Novatech GeForce 7600GT PCI-E 256MB DDR3 DVI/TVO SLI

the link is also below:

This is the case:

and this is the new power supply im purchasing a 500w:

I also have chosen a 160gb hard drive a western digital one.

Could someone please tell me if i will have any compatiabilty problems with these components? also any suggestions or comments you have or if you think one of the components could be better value for money please let me know!! The reason i have purchased a a 500w power supply seperatly is because i cant find many cases that come with a 500w power supply! Thanks for your advice.
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  1. It´s all good.

    The case is ugly. :D

    But you'd better buy a E6300 and overclock it's as* off 8)
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