Yet another e6600 build where help is required

Hey, I NEED to upgrade from my xp 1900+, 6600gt in the next two weeks so I've decided to build a new comp. Not looking at SLI or Xfire... ever lol. Feel free to give any help or change any of the parts. All parts are in AU currency and i'm trying to keep my budget at around $2000 give or take.

e6600 ($499)
Asus p5b deluxe (329) or Gigabyte DS4 (315)
Corsair xms2 800mhz 2gb (429)
Seagate 320gb 16mb cache (155)
Audigy xtreme music (199)
Gecube x1900gt (335) or Gecube x1900xt (415)
Dvico FusionHDTV DVB-T Hybrid (145)

I already have a case Thermaltake Soprano with the 430w psu that came with it. Is this enough?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Thanks for the tip, but I'd rather buy from a shop than go through troubles of posting defective products back. I live in Australia too.
  2. If you have more than one optical drive that runs on IDE - watch out for the DS4 - I returned mine today as the system is extremely unstable with more than one drive attached at a time, and cannot even write a CD or DVD without buffer underruning. I'm not sure whether the same issue would exist for the P5B, since it uses the same chip to offer the legacy IDE support, but from what I hear it doesn't have that issue.

    Then again - if you don't have more than one optical drive, either board will work ;)
  3. Thanks for the tip, i'll head for the p5b deluxe to be safe then thx.
  4. If you've been reading the forums you'll note a lot of 'help my E6xxx is too hot / doesn't boot / won't load windows (insert problem of choice here)' type threads.

    A lot of them are P5B related.

    I've gotten an Asrock as a stopgap whilst I upgrade my memory harddrives and GPU, and I've taken the P5B off my list of potential next Mobo's. (I doubt it'll still be around by then, but I'm steering clear)

    Have a look around on the forum and see what you think. I'd steer clear.
  5. Seriously, I doubt the P5B has that many problems. Asus is the best mobo company out there, albeit marginally, and any problems would most likely be solved by a BIOS update which they're pretty good at...

    If you still don't want a P5B, then check out an ABIT AB9 pro, about the same price, and comparable performance. But the P5B is a better overclocker...
  6. The P5B might just be a 'picky' board, not sure, was just sharing what I am seeing whilst looking around here.

    The Gigabyte board has shown its head a couple of times too, but not the Abit (perhaps no-one has bought any?) It could be simply because there are more Asus's out there as it is a good overclocker.
  7. Thanks for your help guys, so do you guys reckon i should get the x1900gt ($315) or 7900gt ($389) or maybe even the x1900xt ($415)?
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