6200 problem

Hi, i got myself a 6200, it works fine, exept on most games and windows 3d screensavers

Specs: 2.4 gz intel, 768 ram, nvidia 6200

So far i can play only one game, enemy territory

on other games the vertices seem crazy, like when i tried fear combat today, the players looked funny (triangles on them everywhere)

battlefield vietnam was basicly only triangles

Any help would be appreciated

thank you
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  1. Try downloading the latest drivers, COMPLETELY unistall all old drivers, and install the new ones. You're still going to have performance issues on newer games, just because that's a pretty crappy card. No offense, it's just the truth.
  2. Get yourself at least a 7600GS and throw that card out if you want to play games.

    From a practical standpoint in games, its not any better than onboard video.

    There are countless deals out there for older high-end video cards as well.

    Save yourself a headache and turf it.
  3. thats not the solution, my old one was even worse than this one (ati 9250)
    that one burned anyway, and i could play vietnam with the old one
    to kaotao: i will try that, hope it works
  4. Update all drivers if possible (after removing all drivers), update to the lastest DirectX...Hope this helps
  5. Updating drivers and even trying different versions could help, also you may play around ‎with the games settings trying different shaders and turning on and off futures, but you ‎should look for another card if you like to play games!!‎

    Good luck‎
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