Wow...what's with RAM prices?

I just noticed the Corsair DDR2 6400 (C5) I just bought for $218 with $40 rebate is now $290 ($40 rebate though)

I would feel bad for anyone trying to build a Conroe system now, but processors have come down quite a bit.

I guess first adopters and system builders who paid a little extra on Conroe chips in the first few weeks have more or less caught up with those who waited a few weeks for more availability and lower prices...Indeed, in some cases maybe they have come out ahead with these RAM prices. Indeed, that is exactly my case since I paid $270 for an e6400, now at $230, but paid $76 less for the RAM. So I've come out ahead on the CPU and RAM anyway. Probably people who rushed to buy e6800s have not come out ahead though...

Funny how that's worked out...So I would say if you are looking for RAM to go ahead and buy what you want now, since due to the hike in RAM prices you have not ended up saving any money overall if buying new RAM and a CPU while you waited for Conroes to come down. If you're really patient I would guess RAM prices will fall, but not for another month or so after this initial demand wave has exhausted itself...
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  1. DDR2 ram prices have increased by an average of 7-8%, with 3-4% increase of regular DDR ram. Then the higher demand companies would of course jack it up more because there's would be in even shorter supply.

    Stupid Supply and Demand curve. How about no one buys any computer parts for the next month, and when everything becomes dirt cheap, I'll buy it all and make millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah, not to mention the increased costs of transportation, cost of electricity, cost to run the plants, everything in increasing. I work in production, so all I hear about is how much more a ton of CO2 cost now than 5 years ago, how much more electricity and water is... yadda yadda yadda.
  2. Hi sluzbenik,
    Yikes! You are correct sir...
    DDR2 has gone up in price since ~1 month ago when I put together this rig, and it has increased substantially.
    My OCZ memory has gone up $50 bucks! But the amazing thing is the Corsair TwinX 2048-6400, which is WAY up (has increased $100 bucks) and that's just the CAS5 stuff, LoL...
    Nobody wants OCZ (they have 'heard' things) and everyone wants Corsair, so the suppliers are reacting.
    Hey whatever the market will bear, right?
    Core2 CPUs have settled in price a bit (and availability is now good) but it seems my rig would cost more for me to build today!
    Wait - the damn X1900XT dropped like a rock just after I bought it...
    Oh well.
    Great vidcard though.
    Prices will always ebb and flow but thanks for pointing out the memory situation! I was joking ~1 month ago, that the CPU revolution was the greatest thing to happen to DDR2 manufacturers everywhere, heheh...
    But they seem to have figured it out for themselves,
  3. Video cards up too, school's starting ppl buyin computers, wait till Oct if price is important, and remember xmas is the busiest time of year.
  4. well, i did warn you last week...
  5. I wasn't aware of DDR2 prices going up; I thought they were going down as DDR2 rapidly replaces DDR. What I have noticed is that DDR prices have been going up very quickly, which p!sses me off as I'd like to upgrade my PC to 2GB.
  6. I hear you man, right after i bought corsairs 2 gb kit for my system, it shot up like 30 bucks. The largest sigh of relief in the history of sighs came over my face that day.
  7. Quote:
    ... I'd like to upgrade my PC to 2GB.

    You and everyone else. Add on the people building new C2D boxes or new AMD boxes because of the price drops (who are looking to start with 2GB), and there's a memory rush on!
  8. Quote:
    I hear you man, right after i bought corsairs 2 gb kit for my system, it shot up like 30 bucks. The largest sigh of relief in the history of sighs came over my face that day.

    I'm sure you didn't feel that way when Athlon 64 prices started their free-fall. The 3700+ that I paid $220 for in April (great value at the time) is now available for under $100.
  9. The Sapphire 1900xt I bought hasn't come down much either...You kept reading the 1900 prices were going to drop. Ha.

    Watch them start jacking hard drives next, wouldn't that be a lark.
  10. Your absolutley right, i contemplated suicide but i decided 120 dollars wasnt worth it. So i just hit my head on the keyboard for a few hours.
  11. hey OGS how do you like the abit AB9? my friend is looking into building a new rig and is looking at that MoBo and ive been wainting to see how people like it.
  12. He should get the d3 from gigabyte... its a good board.
  13. yes i was wondering the same its such bs.. when i bought my second DDR 256mb stick in april it was $26-$30 and now its like $35... now i know to alot of people 5bucks isnt alot but when you are on a tight budget it can really screw you over
  14. yeah we looked at the DS3 aswell but we wanna know how the AB9 is before he decides on anything (im helping him out on the hardware part.)
  15. Yup, the Corsair DDR-2 800 that I bought for $255 is now hovering around $300 on ZZF... craziness.
  16. Quote:
    Your absolutley right, i contemplated suicide but i decided 120 dollars wasnt worth it. So i just hit my head on the keyboard for a few hours.

  17. Yes.... The 2Gb of Corsair 6400 CAS 4 I am just about to buy has just been hicked by £70+ here in the UK.

    The kids won't be eating as well this month.
  18. Oh, 6-7%...? Here in Finland DDR2 prices have gone up about 40€ from the usual 260€ for Corsair Twinx2048-6400 CL5 to a ridiculous 300€! That's like 15%!

    Although, I happened to stumble in a store that sells the same one for 225€ so I'll be getting mine tomorrow before they get in their head to up their prices too... And yes, 225€ is about the lowest ever for 2GB Corsair. Great value, huh? :cry:
  19. If you think this is bad - wait till Vista comes out and everyone and there dogs upgrades to 2 or 4GB RAM - that will hike the price up
  20. ya i been wondering what the hell has been going on, when i first thought about building a new rig, i was going to go with the corsair 6400c4, and now it has gone up like 100 dollars in a month ..... sad
  21. Thats the spirit! Why spend money on food for the children when 2 GB of RAM is to be had. I like the way you think my friend. But on a serious note, the prices of ram suck. Almost as much as the price of gas, sad enough people complain about both but yet the SUV driving chaps continue to fill thier 70+ dollar tanks up and drive off without a word.
  22. Quote:
    Oh, 6-7%...? Here in Finland DDR2 prices have gone up ... to a ridiculous 300€!...

    Yes, but that's only the cost of one restaurant meal in Helsinki. :) Do they have cheap RAM in Tallinn to go along with the cheap alcohol?
  23. Down here in OZ. Thats the other side of the planet thing are more expensive. I just paid $569 AUD for the 2gig 6400 C4 ProCorsair TWIN thats $427 USD or 336 Euro.

    Dont complain about $70 to fill the gas tank. My Monaro, read Pontiac GTO cost $128 to fill last week. Thats about $90 USD. :(
  24. It just might be worth looking into... Though if the quality of ram is equal to the quality of alcohol there, I'll be having a real interesting trip. And I don't even want to think about the RMA policy on some of the vendors in Tallinn... :)

    Edit: Meaning, that they'll propably crush my kneecaps before I even get to say a word... Interesting customer service.
  25. Ram prices in the UK are shocking.
    The 2x1gb Corsair XMS 800 CAS 5 I had on my shopping list was £125 (ex vat) two weeks ago, a few days later £135... i checked yesterday... £165 :(

    Would i be hurting myself if i bought 667 for £125 now? (want to overclock a E6300)
    How long are these prices going to stay like this?
    I want my new puter bad...
  26. wooooo!!! fight the man!!!

    well... the ram man anyway. woo fight him anway!!
  27. looks like newegg is settling down a lil at least, the mail in rebate went away and for 6400c4 2x1gb its 317 shipped now
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