Noob Question: CPU Heat Damage?

Howdy Folks:

Core 2 6600 stock heat sink fasteners are horrendous.

Granted, I may have failed to tighten them enough, but two of the fastener rods managed to pop out of the sockets; my CPU cooked up to 85C, and my comp went down for the count.

Fixed the problem, all seems well, with the CPU operating around 35C - 42C now.

Questions: :?:

- Is there a way to determine if the CPU sustained any heat damage?

- What happens when a CPU is damaged by heat typically?
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  1. Don't worry about it. Intel cpus begin throttling at 75-80 celcius. My old northwood overheated at least 3 times during it's life, and still runs fine in a friend's machine.
  2. intel is really doing a great job in thermal management.

    i had an experience with celeron processor (1,6ghz socket 478) running without fan for 2 weeks until i noticed there was something wrong with the temperature (looking via asus probe and the bios h/w monitoring). then i fixed the cpu fan cable which hold the fan from rotating.

    it is still running fine now as one of my working place client computer without any hardware failure or so.

    back at the office there was a athlon xp 2600+ that was set wrong fan rpm, and in a sudden the motherboard died, so we had to replace it with a new one. i don't know about the new k8 amd's processors management dealing with dead fan or over heating problems.
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