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I'm in the process of building a pc for my. Its nothing fancy, she just wants something faster than her P-3. I'm looking at a Pentium D 945 with either a gigabyte or a biostar mobo (micro ATX board), 1gig ram, probably use the onboard video (unless I find something cheap)

The only requirement that she has, is that the case needs to be a slimline desktop model (Like the Dell that is in her classroom). I cannot seem to find sites that have these cases

I'm guessing the PS should be a minimum of 450w. Can you forward some links regarding slim desktop cases?

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  1. Have you tried

    Newegg Slim Desktop Cases

    Also, have you considered buying a Shuttle or Biostar barebones kit? They are very tiny. Check out the barebones section on as well.


    Here's the link for newegg's barebones:

    Newegg Barebones
  2. The only problem I see with the cases you recommended is that the power supply is not enough. I think I need more than 300w; unless I'm wrong
  3. Some of the Shuttle barebones have 400W PSU. Also, the X-Qpacks come with 420W PSU. Those are both cube shaped and not really slim though. Slim cases are tough because you need half-height cards to go in them while cube cases take full size addon cards. What dimensions are you looking for?

    Really, look through the list of cases on newegg and you'll see a variety of different sized PSUs (or lack there-of). You could also buy a separate power supply if you need to, but some small form factor cases use a proprietary PSU. You may want to go with an AMD system since the Intel chips, with the exception of the new conroe, need more watts.

    Maybe you should go to this site: Power Supply Calculator and figure out exactly how many watts you really need.
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