where put temp sensor for E6600 oc??

I don't know if it's the right place to post this but I couldn't see anyone more apropiate except for coolers and heatsinks. the question is simple i have a thermaltake xaser III case with its hardcano 11 and i'll like to know how you manage to put the sensor on the cpu. i'll oc it and i've read that the programs like ai booster and so, some times report wrong temps. how do you manage to put it on the cpu avoiding the conections for the pins of the socket?? do you fix it on the cpu and then just before puting it on the board you fit it between the pins?? or do you recomend me to forgot about it or put it somewhere else? thx for your answers i'm looking forward for them
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  1. It depends on your experience level.

    I've seen some reviewers place it on the heatsink, directly over the CPU core. Others place it on the side of the CPU heatspreader. Yet another more advanced method I've seen is to "mill" a groove with a dremel deep enough in the CPU heatspreader to place the probe there. Be careful or you'll "mill" a groove right into your precious CPU core and have a nifty paperweight.

    Maybe you should try the first method, and then compare your onboard sensor results, with the sensor attached directly to the CPU heatsink.
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