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I have a PC with Windows XP Pro SP2 and my friend has a PC with Windows 7 Ultimate (he recently changed his OS from XP to Win 7). Previously, i connect his PC through windows XP's Remote Assistance tool through internet. Now, how could i remotely access his pc ?
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  1. Your Friend needs to first invite you to offer him remote assistance and provide you with a password that is generated for your session (windows 7 requires a password for remote assistance, unlike xp).

    The easiest way to describe this is to ask our friend to click start, and type "remote assistance" and click the program named "Windows Remote Assistance."

    From there, choose "Invite someone you trust to help you."

    I would suggest "Use email to send an invitation" for the next step.

    The next screen will show a password that your friend must give you to connect, and the next screen must be open on your friends computer for you to connect remotely to it. Also, by default, you will not have administrative rights on the guest operating system and you must ask your friend to click any UAC prompts for you.

    This process must be initiated every time you initiate a remote connection over the internet without a more advanced solution in place.
  2. A more elegant solution is to create a user account for yourself on your friend's computer, and protect it with a password. Next, click start and type "remote access" and click on "Allow remote access to your computer."

    From there, click "Allow connectsins from computers running any version of remote desktop (less secure)" Your newly created user account will have access if you're an administrator. If your account is not an administrator, you must select "Choose Users" and specify that your account will have access.
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