Evga 6800GS temperture problem

I have an Evga 6800GS AGP. It has a ZALMAN VF700-ALCU VGA COOLER with Artic Cooling grease. Core Clock is at 400mhz and 1040mhz for Memory clock. When system is idling, RivaTuner reads at 52C on Core Clock and 62C when I am playing BF2. 52C is kind of too high. I am opening to suggestions and comments to lower the temperture. Or is 52c the normal idle temperture for the 6800GS. thanks

Additional info for my system:
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ OC to 2.2Ghz
1 GB Ram
Antec Super Lanboy Aluminum Anodize case w/ 500W of PSU
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  1. Also, i m using MSI K8TNeo G52-M6702X7 Mobo.
  2. When you're not OCing, does the temperature go down ?
    Did you lock the AGP bus ?

    In Rivatuner, did you set the speed of the fan ?
  3. I lowered the core clock to 360mhz, but the temperture still remained at 52c.

    All fans in RivaTuner are on 100%.

    How do I check if the AGP bus is locked or not? thanks
  4. Quote:
    How do I check if the AGP bus is locked or not?

    In BIOS.

    Overclock by raising the FSB means raising all the bus frequency, that's including raising the frequency of CPU(of course), VGA, RAM, PCI slots, well we can say almost all of frequencies. To obtain the stability, you must raised the voltage too. More voltage equal more heat.

    Athlon 64 clocked at 2.2 Ghz, you are using FSB 275 Mhz (i supposed). Maybe you are raising the voltage until 1.70 or 1.75v too.

    AGP bus is 1/3 of FSB, so it's mean in normal FSB (200Mhz) is 66 Mhz. from 275 MHz mean your AGP bus is 91.67 MHz. That's way too much and too dangerous for your AGP card.

    try to lower your FSB bus or stop the OCing, then see how is the temp.
  5. Thanks, I will try that.
  6. I have the BFG 6800gs & it is overclocked from the factory. My temps are right inline with yours. Never had a problem with it. I also have the extra pixel & shaders unlocked on the card. Have been able to run all the games I play at very high settings w/ good fps.

    But I have been looking to get an aftermarket cooler for it. When I do raise the core & mem clocks higher than they already are, the temps jump way up.
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