LaserJet 1012 w/Wordperfect 12 will only print 4.13 x 5.13..

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When I print from Word, or WordPad, there is no problem with my Laserjet
1012 printer. However, in Wordperfect 12, it reduces every page to a
block of text that is 4.13 x 5.83 size. No matter how I set the default
in WordPerfect, Laserjet will not recognize the size. Have uninstalled
and re-installed the printer to no avail. Do not have the problem with
Word or Word Pad - only with WordPerfect 12. Any advice will be much

Molin Vardo
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  1. i can,t get it to print anything from my computer.i dont have the disk any more it was working fine on the other computer but the other computer broke. i tried the said cant find driver
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