Is it possible to record from Line-In?

Well really i dont understand why i cannot chose Line-In as sound recording device in windows 2000?
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  1. What software are you using? What task is this for (e.g. 'musical' sound recording, audio capture, TV card...)?
  2. Make sure you've gone to options, properties, and enabled the line-in as a recording option.

    (select "Adjust volume for Recording", and make sure that Line-in is enabled)

    This is from WinXP - ymmv...
  3. Are you trying to record from an MP3 player? Or your just putting your mic in the wrong port?
  4. He just wants to record audio through LineIn (could be LP record, video tape, camcorder, anything).
    The OS, in this case Win2K, is ill-equipped to do this... you require a recording software. Many will record WAV and some will record directly to MP3, OGG or AC3 2.0 etc.
    However, the selection of LineIn as source can be tricky! I have found that the full audio driver package is often required (not just the drivers) in order to select the LineIn as the source of choice.
    I recall having to install the whole Creative package just to get the LineIn activated on a SoundBlaster...
    If you can get the LineIn 'live' there are some nice free recording programs such as CDex :^)
  5. The problem is i dont have LineIn in recording options in windows 2000.

    Just trying to record some of my old records from stereo casette player to mp3, i figured it works when i sellect "Analog Mix" in recording source in windows control panel> audio, but only records something when LineIn is not muted, what if i dont like to hear while its been recorded?

    I have Sound Forge 8 demo (but dont see how i can chose source there) and full setup of creative software and drivers.
  6. What sound card are you using?
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