any recommendations on a new motherboard?

Hi all,

I'm thinking of upgrading to a PCI Express graphics card. The GPU is easy to read up on but theres a lot of choice for motherboards.

I'm looking for recommendations on 939 board as I'm not upgrading the CPU as it is overclockable allowing at least another years solid use.

I've used boards by Asus, Gigabyte and Abit and would prefer one of these but I am open to trying new companies.

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  1. I don't recommend an upgrade unless your current video card won't run your favorite games. I use the same chipset as your current board, and it performs just as well as the newer pci-e ones. Better to save and go to duo core 2 later, or am2 with ddr2.
  2. I'd buy the Abit KN8 Ultra... Newegg shows it with a $20 rebate so you can get it for $60!
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