Strange Minimizing Problem

I recently upgraded my computer and have been dealing with this very strange issue where
- if I'm playing a game - about every hour or so - it will minimize to the desktop
- if I am watching a movie - the taskbar will appear and overlap the bottom, but the movie is still playing
Last night, I noticed it was happening every time the clock would reach :25, ie 1:25pm, 2:25pm, etc.
This morning, it's around every :41, ie 11:41am, 12:41pm, etc.
I think it relies on whenever I turn on my computer.. I'm pretty sure I turned it on today around 11:30, probably 11:40am.

I tried looking on google but I can't seem to find an answer... most are about Anti-Virus causing it, but I don't have any kind of anti-virus and all Windows Firewall/security is also disabled.

I'm wondering if there is a program to monitor the processes running and see what process causes this to happen.
I've already looking through taskmanager, the only new processes running are probably some for the Motherboard, like the HD audio from Reltek and a USB 3.0 monitor... not really sure if those are what's causing this.

Any ideas?
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  1. There's obviously some timed process going on, right. Try your energy settings, and play around in the control panel.
    This happened right when you upgraded? What was the upgrade?

    Keyboard drivers?
  2. Never had keyboard drivers, checked the energy settings - all normal like before and I checked a lot of my control panel settings.
    And yeah, this started since I got this computer set up.

    I upgraded everything, built it from scratch. The only changes in programs running I can think of are the Motherboard drivers like the Reltek HD Audio program/drivers named RtkNGUI64.exe and the USB 3.0 drivers - has a process running named USB 3.0 Monitor, nusb3mon.exe.
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