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Short version: Swapped HDDs, then got the error message in title on one of the drives. Tried mbrfix and bootsect via repair through Windows 7 CD, but doesn't help. Drive is still functioning.

Long version: I recently swapped some HDDs back and forth (one with Windows XP and another with Windows 7, but I did not try booting with both at the same time) and all of a sudden, I get the error message listed in the topic. The HDD is definitely still functioning, I can see it in BIOS and when booting with the Windows CD, I can use command prompt and browse the directories. I've tried mbrfix and bootsect. With bootsect, it says it is successful when entering the line "bootsect /nt60 all" and automatically finds the C:\. However, when selecting repair through the Windows cd, the adrive does not show up and the operating system is listed as unknown local disk.

I've read through most of the threads with this same problem but either mbrfix or bootsect seems to usually fix it. I'd prefer not to have to copy the entire drive or reformat if possible, but I guess I will have to if I can't find any other solutions. Since bootsect was successful, does it mean the problem lies elsewhere and is not the MBR? Any suggestions would be great.
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  1. Yay nevermind, fixed it!

    I'm not sure if I can link other websites here, but I managed to find a solution that worked for me. I'll go through the steps I used to fix it for future references.

    Problem: Getting the error message "Reboot and select proper boot device"; mbrfix and bootsect did not fix. HDD is not detected when using Windows 7 CD to repair.

    -Access command prompt through Windows 7 CD
    -In command prompt:
    bcdedit /createstore c:\boot\bcd.temp
    LIST disk
    SELECT disk # (# is the problem HDD)
    LIST partition
    SELECT partition #
    -Restarted, but still getting same error message. Went back into command prompt and deleted bcd.temp file/directory. Restarted again.
    -Error message changes to "Bootmgr is missing"
    -Boot with Windows 7 CD and now HDD is detected. Used automatic repair to fix.
  2. GREAT job!
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