Dual boot and internet issue

I just installed Windows 7 Starter side by side with Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (it doesn't matter why) and on 7 Starter it is not detecting any wireless networks. The 7 Ultimate detects networks (and is connected to one) but the 7 Starter does not. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

The computer is a Gateway LT2104u Netbook.
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    Did you install the drivers on the starter edition also!
  2. No I did not install any drivers for the 7 Starter, but I also did not install any for the 7 Ultimate and it works just fine in there.

    I should add that the netbook originally had 7 Starter as the OS and it detected wireless networks just fine.
  3. Grab the driver and install it!It just might work!
  4. That was the solution. So strange, first install worked fine, didn't even think to look. Thank you for the help.
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  6. Your WELCOME!!!!!!!
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