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I'm looking for a good modular 600w (give or take) power supply for a Silverstone SG01 - Evolution SFF case. The PSU cannot exceed 160mm in Depth. I'm looking for a 600w PSU to ensure some future proofing. I'd also consider a 500w Modular if someone can reccomend a good one.

The Enermax Liberty 620w seems like a great PSU and is my #1 option right now. Any comments?

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  1. Thanks for the PSU recommendation. I'm a bit hesitant with that particular PSU though. I love its price and lay out, but its dimensions concern me. I know its 140mm in depth, but those modular cables look to ad at least 20mm. In the Silverstone SG01 Case I will be working with little room. In addition I will most likely have a DVD burner that measures 170mm in depth. Silverstone recommends that both the PSU and Drives do no exceed 355mm. A 140mm PSU that is modular and has smaller connectors would be perfect. Might you have any other recommendations?

  2. The one advantage the SG01 one has is that its a bit longer than most Micro-ATX desktops. It's designed to hold a typical ATX PSU. I've been looking at a Shuttle Barebones, but it's 400w seems to small for a New powerful video card (ex X1900XTX) or a next gen card...coupled with a Core 2 Duo, 2 optical drives and 2 Sata HDs.

    I'm leaning more and more towards the Enermax Liberty. I've read some good things, but was just curious if anyone had a favorite Modular PSU.
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