Tf2, sometimes css, sometimes cod mw2

Ok let me give you a brief description of what was happening before. i used to get stutter when the screen would freeze for a second and then the sound would loop for a second at the same time. got rid of that problem, the problem was on the caviar green 1tb hdd, so i went and out and bought a 1tb caviar black and used the green as storage.

Then i started getting that same stuttering in tf2, and i had fixed that by uninstalling my anti virus and turning off multi core. now in tf2 ( where its noticeable the most) i get this thing where i get stuck, split second lag, or extreme micro stutter, doesn't happen all the time. I am thinking it was the server but i had a friend in that same server and saying he wasn't getting that problem.

I have a video to show you what im talking about. ill post the video and you guys let me know what you think.

you can see the problem - 24sec, 38sec, 1:18, 1:26

my specs,

Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Intel Core i7 920 (1366) 2.66

Ocz Gold 6 gigabytes 1600 Mhz

Geforce Gtx 260 216 core

1tb caviar black (windows installed) (along with games)

1tb caviar green (storage)

usb my book 1tb external hard drive

usb my book 500gb external hard drive

Asus P6T mobo

Corsair 750w psu

I came do you guys cause i know you take it down to the technical level. i have been posting on and they have helped me much, but it seems like there slowly starting to give up :(
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  1. What's the link to the sevenforums thread? The last thing I wanna do is to suggest what has already been suggested.

    In any case, have you kept track of the temperatures of your components as you're playing games? I'm thinking your PC's running hot, causing the slowdown.
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