Asus PC Probe II

I'm currently using this whilst using Prime95 and am encountering a bizzare problem. Whilst my CPU is running at a relativly cool 43/44c for 99% of the time, every minute or so i get message alert and it tells me 'warning: CPU at 256c' or something like that, roughly it's saying my CPU is at 256c which is completle rubbish, because if it was my comp would have blown up long ago...

Anyway a few seconds later it returns to normal - whilst it's not that big a problem (i'm guessing it's just a bug?) it would be nice to stop it doing this, anyone had this experience or know how to solve it? Thanks.
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  1. A BIOS update may fix it...
  2. wierd but seems like a bug.

    did you s$%t yor pants the first time you noticed that :lol:

    i know i did the first time i saw my gpu temp at 110c
    but after the 10th time i was ok lol.
  3. :lol: for about a split second i did but then i very quickly thought the reading was bollocks - from 42c to 256c in 10 seconds! Plus if it was that hot my comp would have been on fire :lol:

    It's a big like SpeedFan which tells me that my GFX card is at 125c (rubbish) and that my fans are at 18,500RPM....
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