Problems whith P4M800PRO-M v1.0

Hi for everyone!

Here is the list of problems that i find on the board:

SmartFan: It don't work!!! the only thing that it do is lower the RPM to under 1000 RPM. The temperature increase and the rotation continues on 1000 RPM!!! The mobo shutdown when the temperature reach 65°C (is programed for that) and the rotation don't increase!!!! 8O

Modem: It's intriguer, on setup says there is a modem onboard. Well, WHERE??? :?

COM2: It's inverse: On setup, only COM1. but in the windows, on everest ultimate edition and on the initialization of the board says that there is an "COM2". Well, i say again: WHERE??? :?

Overclock: DON'T TRY TO MAKE A OVERCLOCK WITH THIS MOBO!!!! The system is COMPLETELY UNSTABLE when use overclock. Be warned!!!! :!: :!: :!:

Hope this can be useful for anyone!!!
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  1. Thank you for that unbiased opinion. :) I have two of those MOBOs and neither would boot. They would not even get to the BIOS screen. Nothing. I am replacing those two with two MOBOs from Abit. (This is all chronicled in another thread.)

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