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I am going in circles looking for a good HSF, wondered what people thought about this one, as well i will prolly be mounting it on a ds3 so is installation tricky? A newegg review said somthing about "alternate install" so thats kinda scarrying me.
Ill have a e6400 hopefully clocked around 2.8 or so nothing extreme.

If someone reccomends another HSF I would prefer somthing that blows down on the mobo. Thanks guys

BIG Typhoon
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  1. Its big and its very good, did i mention that its big?

    DON'T stick the foam onto the mobo like the instruction tells you to, just stick the foam, gasket and metal part together. The screws will hold the foam bracket in place with no problem (I am actually just using foam you find on feet of furniture to prevent slipping on my TTBT after I ruined the original foam).
  2. Have one. Excellent unit, dont be afraid to try it, I just hope you have plenty of room in your case :wink:
  3. ok guys thanks, i will try to remembr that about the foam im starting to order all my parts ill be home in less then 2 weeks (in iraq)
    and ya i have a pretty big case, gigabyte full server case, with 1 120mm fan in front and 2 in the rear
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