Best ways to cool a 7950 GX2?

I t seems that the only way I can keep my XTX Card under 70 Celcius is to keep my case open and use a house fan. I am looking for a cheapish and reliable way to cool it (say $50), and no water please.

I do primarily think my problem is my case airflow. I have another 80mm fan in the mail to help, but I don think it will do that much. Any recommended 7950 GPU coolers out there?

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  1. I'd like to know this also! On a hot day with the AC only at like 79 or hitting even 80's with the window open... while running a high resourced game... my screen with turn black then back on... im guessing that its running warm at times ;)

    but in 73 AC w/ all fans running high... the PC runs nice and cool but I'd like to add this for those times that its not
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