Morrowind GotY and Windows 7

I have installed Morrowind (GotY version, with the expansions) on my laptop, which has Windows 7 as it's OS.
While the game is open, I am unable to minimize, or in the event that I am running windowed, move my cursor off the window in any way.
Is there a way to fix this?

I've actually never yet had the pleasure of playing Morrowind, and am sure that it will be a much more pleasant experience if I'm able to retain the use of the rest of my computer while the game is running.

Thanks very much.
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  1. Pretty old game, not surprising is has issues on Win 7. Check this support link
  2. I've discovered that by adding it as a non-steam game, and then running it through Steam, I'm able to do non-game things. So there is that, if anyone else is curious.

    Incidentally, it does randomly crash out, but not nearly as frequently as one my imagine.
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