Blue Screen tint?? Can someone help? :)

Today I was playing Oblivion; all of a sudden it got all pixley and different colors. The game froze so I re-started my computer. I got a blue screen Windows error message and the computer re-started. I was promped to start in safe mode, or last good config. I started in last knowen good config. For some reason the screen has a blue tint!!?

I thought it might be my moniter so I switched it out with a different (and crappy) other one I have and the problem was fixed. I thought I would give my good one (the one that was messing up) another try. When I turned on my computer this time I got a blue error message and it re-started again. It promped to boot from last known good config, so I did. This time it wasnt blue, but as soon as I clicked firefox the screen went blue again!!!!!!!! :!: :!: :x :evil:

Does anyone know what I should do to fix it? I hope I wont have to replace my video card. Its a GeForce 7800 GTX.

AMD 4000+
Asrock mobo (939)
1 x 1 Gb ocz platinum
450 Watt x-clio Dual 12v with 15v and a 17v on the 12
2 System fans
160 Gb sata hd

Thanks for any help guys
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  1. What error messages appear on the blue screen? It could be video card or RAM. You can easily test your RAM using "Windows Memory Diagnostic": . The program loads from a boot disc right after you start the computer, before it gets to Windows. I had a stick of RAM which became defective this summer and was causing very similar problems that you describe, though it didn't cause any changes in tint or color. I usually got the blue screen when Windows was loading, but once it loaded normally and I got the blue screen when I tried to open Firefox or Internet Explorer.

    I guess it is possible to test if the problem is with the video card by running Windows in the "Troubleshoot Mode", when it loads up in 256 color VGA mode. Just keep pressing F8 immediately after you power up the computer and you will get the list of options on the modes that you want to use when Windows loads up.
  2. You might want to check the connector on your video card. Wiggle it around and watch the screen. Reseat the connector, especially if you have a DVI to VGA adapter. Try using a different adapter. My card came with two in the box.
  3. Ewok,
    If those suggestions don't work (I'm sure they will) then you might try UNINSTALLING and RE-INSTALLING the drivers SPECIFIC to your monitor...if your using the current Microsoft assigned drivers, then you might try uninstalling those ones and grabbing up the ones for your monitor. A system crash may have corrupted them.
    Like I said, it might not be it, but at least if the other suggestions don't work, this will give you another approach.
  4. it could be overheating.
    check temperatures in bios, check for dust in you cpu cooler and gpu cooler.
    try to run your computer with the case side off

    also do what the other guys said
  5. i had the same thing happen to me but no windows blue screen just my monitor had a permanent blue tint it was because one of the pins broke on the dvi connector to my video card that might b youre problem youre s o l if a new dvi cable doesnt fix the problem
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, it turns out that it was my moniter. As for the error screen I still dont know.

    Thanks again for all the help :D :D
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