Athlon XP overheating at 54 degrees?

when i overclocked my athlon XP, the temps went from 50 to 55-57 is degrees, and the comp started crashing, andUT2004 complained of an overheated CPU even though it was well within range

could it just be the mobo? or is that really too hot?
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  1. the older xps ran hotter and the oc is probly the problem
    go back to stock and if it works ok then think about an aftermarket
    hsf or cooler.

    that is if you want to oc anymore

    also upgrade some other components if you can afford it

    or try for a whole new comp amd/am2 or intel core2
    if you can afford that :?
  2. You're going to need to tell us how you overclocked your XP and are you running a Palamino or Thoroughbred core? You can use CPU-Z to find out. Also give us some more detailed info about your RAM and motherboard.
  3. it is palamino, and i oced by raising the bus, the ram is crap, and the mobm is VIA KT266/333
  4. Quote:
    it is palamino, and i oced by raising the bus, the ram is crap, and the mobm is VIA KT266/333

    I still use a system like that as a media server and it's over clocked about 200Mhz – which by the way is pushing it for that type of processor w/ out some super cooling. XP chips just didn't OC well. I also have that exact board, and it was a very good board with plenty of options. If you are going above 200 then you need better cooling – simple as that. BTW, the temps you are reading (i think) are not the core temps just the surface of the processor (sensor beneath the cpu) which is incorrect. Add 5-20 degrees (depending on cooling method) which is putting you very close to max temps.
  5. How high did you go? Some XPs didn't OC all that bad. My guess is you stressed the RAM though if you consider it crap. I'm not familiar with that board but you should check to see what your voltages and timing are set at. Bumping the voltage on the CPU may assist in stability, but temperature will rise with it. I would definately see about raising the voltage on the RAM a bit (if possible) as well as relaxing the timings.

    I agree with Maxxum. If you plan to OC that particular processor, you need good cooling.
  6. naw, it was more of a test overclock, but it seemed odd that it was overhaeting at those temps, will the 2100+ that i am getting from my dads comp overclock better?
  7. Not necessarily.

    I strongly advise you read the sticky on overclocking the Athlon XP at the top of this section.
  8. Just because something is failing doesn't mean it's from heat.
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