Need Help With Non-Booting Computer

I have tried pretty much everything but my mobo won't even POST. My system specs are:
GA-8N-SLI Quad Royal Mobo
Pentium 805 D CPU
2X Nvidia FX 3400 graphics cards
SCNJ-1000 Ninja heatsink
nothing else attached at the moment
Basically, I have tried everything I can think of. When I boot the computer, the hard drives start, the fans start, and the 2 LED indicators stay at 00 for ten seconds, then go to 99, which isn't listed in the book as an error code. Although I bought the motherboard used, it was from a reputable computer outfit, and everything else is new except for the video cards.
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
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  1. Yep, I put this computer together last week. The problem is, there are no diagnostic beeps at all, and no video (no POST, nothing). I tested my video cards in my other PCI-E system and they were fine... so I am completely stumped.
  2. Check and recheck

    All cards should be seated...
    Check powercable to the videocard and the 2 that go to the Mobo
    Check to make sure the IDE cables are right... Pin 1 in the right place?
    Check the Slave/Master/CS settings
    Check to see if the speaker is plugged in right...
    Check to see if each of the case wires are connected to the MoBo right...

    Then do it again... and get someone else to do it... Talk them through each step...

    Then start removing things, HD's, SoundCards, ETC... One by one

    Make sure the power cord or the switch on the BACK of the computer is OFF before you start doing crap to the system...

    Then Contact the place you bought it from... Look for a replacement...
  3. Another part to check is the CMOS battery. A simple voltmeter can do that, or you can pick up another battery for a few dollars. If you've got a system stripped down to the board and cpu and you're still not even getting error beep codes, that's at least the cheapest part to replace.
  4. Also you can reset the bios... Read the MOBO manual on how to do this... READ IT REAL CAREFULLY... you may end up friing the motherboard without reading this and following the instructions to the key.
  5. Try your powersupply in another machine... check the power with a meter... or buy one... Frozen CPU has powersupply checking equipment that they are pushing really bad... I think they got stuck with a peace of equipment that people who are going to their site generally dont need.

  6. I followed basically every step, and still no progress. Everything seems to be fine (HDDs start, all the fans start, etc.) except that there is no video. Could it be that the motherboard is rejecting the FX 3400 cards? I checked online and Gigabyte did not explicitly say that they supported the Quadro FX 3400, but I haven't had a problem with video cards to this degree before. Oh, and I just discovered something, I stumbled upon this, but a "99" indicates there IS a problem, as I found a reviewer that mentioned that his test motherboard booted up, and "FF" was indicated on the LEDs after successful completion of the POST.
  7. The only problem with trying for a refund is that I got the board and waited a few months before putting the system together to purchase my monitors (2X Viewsonic VP2290b's), so I wouldn't expect too much help from the seller.
    I finally bit the bullet, spent over an hour, and stripped everything off the board, including removing the CPU. When I powered it on, I got the exact same error 99, (or it could be poorly formed 66). Knowing that, what does everyone think now? I am suprised the CPU would be bad after I tested it a couple weeks ago, but I really can't find any other solution.
  8. CPU's RARELY go bad on their own... I dont think Ive ever had one go bad on me... its the one part that seems to work forever... I went through 3 plextors in 1 year, 2 Lite on's, 2 HD's and now a MOBO....

    My Mobo seemed to go bad, and it may have also been the chip. though I will never know... I bought them together, and sent them back together...

    If I have the same problems as the last time I wont be happy

    anyways... try sending back the Mobo to the manufacturer... and/or talk to the company you bought it from... IF you bought it from the right people they will step up...
  9. I ordered a cheap test processor, so I'll see what component is bad. Thanks to everyone for their help!
  10. I used a cheap and old PCI ATI Mach64 video card, which I cant get to work on Windows 64 default video driver... still reaserching it... but it ran fine with Windows XP (normal)

    This is the problem with home built machines... we dont have the resources to swap out parts with other parts we got laying around...

    If everything works... then we are all happy... but if you run into problems like I have... things make you very unhappy:(


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