Currently i have a 7600GS 512, and would like to know what drivers would be the best, currently i have the 84.4 drivers, they seem to be alright, im just dont want to loose any proformance due to terrible new drivers. Anybody have some insight?!

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  1. Quote:
    Currently i have a 7600GS 512

    The or drivers would be the better choice. Performance would likely increase using one of the more recently released video drivers.
  2. Hi
    I am very interested in the replies to your Thread. I have had a problem with drivers as I detaile din this thread

    I have the Sparkle 7600GS 512Mb AGP Card, which one do you have?

    I am running XP SP1 , 2.3GHz Celeron, 768 Mb Ram, 100 Gb Hard disk & DirectX9c and have loads of drivers which just didn't work well. I have tried to install SP2 but Office Refused to work & even a re-install of my Nokia Phone Suite didn't get that working again so I uninstalled

    The only drivers I have any success with is the NGO Optimised Drivers
    based on NVIDIA's 92.91 Drivers, but these don't allow for overclocking.
    If OC'ing is not what you want then these might do you well.

    Hope this helps.

    NeilV :D :P
  3. See if the card manufacturer has a pre 9*.** release on their website, that would be best i would think. Not sure if the 8*.** will support your card though.
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