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  1. DX.10 cards will come in all shapes and sizes. I think that there will be no need for external power suplyes, not even for the top performers.

    Allready there is move towards 65nm and the GPU manufacturers will follow soon (1 year or two). This means lower power consumption and allready the nvidia 7900GT for example is a very light video board (compared to the old matching performer 7800GTX).

    I think that the trend towards lower power consumption is clear (this doesn't mean that there will not be exceptions like current 7950GX2).
  2. Quote:
    Look at it this way. With that much sytem power being used, there will be heat - you can mod your pc exhaust to the hot water heater in your home or, if you prefer water cooling, just loop your tubes to the shower for hot water. I see this as a real boon to folks in Minnesota in January - a couple of hours of Oblivion will take care of the whole house and you can keep the spa warm at the same time.

    thats just awesome
  3. someone said this is getting out of hand...

    i dont think so!

    the more power the better! i say bring on 300W graphics cards!
    hell bring on the 1000w graphics cards!
    the more power the better!
    we need more power..... with more power you can do more things...
    there's no such thing as 'too much' power for gaming
    bring on the power consuming monsters! WE NEED IT :twisted:
  4. You know... now that I think about it... that would be a great idea! Just skip central heating in the winter and use your comp!
  5. word :D
  6. nVidia already makes quad external video for workstations. They may have to move towards that for consumers, since a the gflops of a GPU is about 10x that of a CPU. I'm sure they will try to bring power requirements down in any case. I don't think we have to worry about it for a few years yet. And they aren't going to worry about it for the highend cards, as that level of gamers won't care if they have to move to an all water-cooled system. The mid-range cards and below will continue to work fine with generic 500w PSU's. When I see plain systems at Best Buy with 850 watts or more then I'll worry. But the vendors know that the wall outlet has 1800w max (if I remember correctly) so at some point they need other design choices for the overall system.
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