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Scaling capabilities of the VG191

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 26, 2002 5:58:44 PM

Does this monitor center a lower resolution (1024x768) in the screen with a black border ?
Thanks !
March 27, 2002 4:46:28 PM

there is no black border! it will auto scal to fit whatever resolution you were using
a b C Monitor
March 27, 2002 11:31:53 PM

You can also make it have a black border though. There are programs that will allow it to do both if you want.

Jack Burton is a great man...
April 5, 2002 11:39:38 PM

erm do you know how you can make the "black border" disappear? in a game with lower resolutions it's tough to play with a 10" monitor (from a 14" TFT). Thanks.

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a b C Monitor
April 6, 2002 4:43:00 PM

Not sure what you are asking? Most LCD's, whether on a notebook or whatever, will automatically scale whatever the resolution is to fit the entire screen. I bought my laptop in '98, and it does this, so I don't see why anything that is more recent would not.

Jack Burton is a great man...
April 7, 2002 5:10:34 AM

it doesn't scale, not due to hardware. it happens to Dell notebooks, and when installed with windows xp, lower resolutions will not scale to the full screen, sometimes. it has something to do with the software, not the TFT scaling capability. what you might be able to help me is what software would make the lower resolution scale to full screen. thanks.

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a b C Monitor
April 7, 2002 7:32:37 AM

Funny as mine is a Dell notebook. Hmmmm.... Uh, anyway, what I think you need to do is have Windows XP install the correct display driver for whatever you have. That should fix any problems. I run XP with my notebook and have no problems, and have had no problems with any previous version of windows back to '98.

EDIT: If that doesn't work, go to Dell's download site for your particular notebook and download their display drivers. I can't find the link to the software I found as it was back in '98 when I used it.

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April 7, 2002 4:54:34 PM

Thanks, that's what I initially thought. What prompted me to ask you the question was that you said there's a third-party software that actually does it. Well anyway, thanks for your help. :) 

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