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Man- I know Windows is unstable and all but I guess I've grown so familiar to it...sheesh this Linux stuff really has me lost guys.

I just installed Mandrake 8.0 w/ Win98SE dual boot. The installation went well except for the server stuff and the printer configuration. I want to be able to print to my HP PSC 500 printer on a Win98 box. Any recommendations? I just don't know what to fill in for host name, etc.

I did enter the correct IP address, and for path name I entered \\computername\HP PSC500
No dice though.

I do have access to the internet, but no mail. How do I set up my mail account?

Is there a really good book for this? I really need this setup for my school work.

Man- I've never felt so computer illiterate.

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  1. I cant help you with the printer part, I still use windows for my printing needs. But for mail, you can use the Netscape browser that comes with Mandrake, or Kmail if your using KDE, or the Mozilla Browser if you prefer that one. What type of mail are you connecting to Pop, IMAP, http?

    Just do some surfing on the net for information on Linux and printing, I'm sure someone has written a Howto on it.

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  2. Using POP for mail. I've searched the internet for printer help, but most of it is above my knowledge on Linux. I really need a "Linux for Dummies" book. One that assumes I KNOW what CUPS is? OR LILO?

    Still working on setting up the mail. I just need to get back in my windows box to determine the POP, and SMTP settings. They were done automatically w/ a disk provided w/ RoadRunner.

    Thanks for your help!

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  3. Hi,
    Im a linux newbie too :) Recently installed redhat, my linux box is just as a firewall/router, once I'd installed, I had a play in KDE, but now on my linux I only have console as someone configured it for me.
    as for mail, mine actually setup quite easy, I went to "start" (the big K thingy!!), then Internet, then you will see mail, just copy the server details over from windows (in outlook express, go to tools/accounts, then properties, then servers- you will see the incoming/outgoing mail servers)
    Hope this helps!

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  4. Thanks guys got my mail to just the printer setup remains- well also getting a Knotify error.

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  5. I recommend "running linux" by oreilly and associates. It explains things other books dont, and although this is changing, it looks at things from an administrators view, not the typcial user view.
    Also, is indispensible. If you read everything on that site, you can move to the top of a mountain with your linux system and have people line up to ask your advice.

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  6. Flyboy, I am also having trouble with my mail. I'm on a cable/dhcp connection & I am trying to configure my mail settings in <b>kmail</b> (Redhat 7.3). I am close to having functional email, since I can now receive mail, but I still cannot send. When I try to send, I get this error:

    <i>Please set the required fields in the identity settings: user-name & email-address</i>

    Can you (or anyone else) give me any pointers to finish up my email configs?



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  7. There's more than one way to skin a cat unfortunately...

    For folks having email problems, you need to find out how your ISP operates first, some use some odd settings like pop before smtp and so on... Anyway, here's how to skin a cat using kmail: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    And here's how to skin one while printing to a windows printer in KDE3: <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> If that doesn't work so easy, make sure that the Windows box has it's IP address sorted and you can ping it, see it with smbclient etc.

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