Been a while... Any problems with this setup?

Hey guys, I've not been keeping up with hardware stuff at all for a few months, but a buddy of mine has asked me to throw together a reasonable gaming rig. Sorry this isn't quite in the right section, but I would like some reasonably quick responses and this section gets a lot of traffic...

A quick scan around has lead me to this setup:
A64 X2 4200+ 127.50
Abit KN8 52.01
WD Caviar 250Gb 16Mb 54.01
Cheapish BenQ DVDRW 28.00
Gainward Geforce 7600GT 256Mb 109.00
2048MB TwinMOS PC3200 160.00

Prices in british Pounds.

That lot seem a reasonable combination? I still need to figure out a sound card, but I think on-board will do him for a little while at least (He's got 2.1 speakers, and won't be getting a good surround setup anytime soon).

The thing I'm most concerned about really is the RAM, and whether it'll work happily. Obviously it's at the cheaper end of the scale...

I may or may not overclock it a bit, but I suspect it's fairly pointless to do so, and it's not for me so I'd rather not give myself any headaches really :D

Went for the 7600GT because it seemed fairly decent price/performance wise, but I really haven't looked very hard there - Anyone know if Gainward do a crippled version of the 7600GT, since this seems fairly cheap compared to most?

Went for a Abit KN8 since I've got a KN8 Ultra myself and am Happy with it.

Went down the AMD route since I last paid attention to 'the scene' just as conroe was about to be released, so I'm totally unfamiliar with the Newer intel stuff (besides, this route appears to be a bit cheaper, and since it's for gaming it's going to be 99% GPU limited anyhoo) In fact the ridiculous number of 'Conroe Vs A64' threads and squabbling that was going on was half the reason I buggered off for a while :?

So, Please critique away....
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  1. Price, availability, and familiarity with the products really. I've never tinkered with an AM2-based system and as usual I don't really have the time to do the research I'd like to (obviously if I was building it for me I'd be more than happy to take a while catching up and wait longer for the system). The price difference isn't all that huge, But he was quibbling over an extra £15 or so for a mouse, so an extra £20 for a motherboard that won't really show him any real-world difference is not likely to go down too well. :roll:

    I was just concerned I'd have made a cock-up somewhere.... :D


    What? Not allowed to say cock? What if I was talking about chicken farming? That's a bit big brother if you ask me. suck my cockerel. :wink:
  2. Quote:
    I can say cock. :roll:

    That's cause you're wusy; you're above the law, kinda like a police officer. Or Dick Cheney :lol:
  3. Quote:
    I can say cock.
    You made a typo there, I think you meant suck :tongue:.. I was just suprised the profanity filter would pick that one out... It probably has more benign uses than most other naughty words.

    I got bored with spending too much money on PC hardware.. So I've been buying stuff for my car instead! That, and I Just don't seem to be able to get into games anymore. I get bored of them quickly these days, and I don't know why. And my ISP went tits-up so I've been offline at home for a while. Arseholes.

    On the overclocking thing, I'll probably have a play around with it, since I've not played with a dual core before :D

    What sort of speeds are people getting out of these these days? It's 2.2GHz, so I guess 2.4 is a no-brainer and 2.5-2.7 is fairly common?

    I wish 'overclocking' a car could be done with some easy BIOS tweaks and/or jumpers... :D
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