Home Built Gaming Rig Needs Some Fine Tuning

My son and I built this system over the summer, but it keeps crashing when I use it to play EQ or WoW or Oblivion.

I have the following components:

DFI LP SLI-D 939 Nvidia AMD Mobo
AMD Athlon 64X2 4800 939 Dual Core Proc
2 GB Corsair RAM
West Digital Caviar 3GB HD
Evga 512 7900GTX 512 Vid Card
Neo 550 Power Supply
4 Fans
Win XP Op Sys

I get a critical error on WoW ...Error 132

Event Viewer in Admin Tools gives me a 1800 Error.
Microsoft tells me I have driver issue...

I am ready to sell the parts on EBAY and go buy something that works. :roll:

Thanks for any advice
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  1. Occasionally I've seen the same error.

    I can't even install the PC client for patch testing, and this is a fresh format in this paticular rig. If you have an extra drive to mess with, format that and install WoW, then see what results you come up with.
  2. have you got the newest nvidia drivers installed? version 91.47

    otherwise format the hdd and reinstall windows. then install the newest drivers for everything
  3. Make sure all your hardware components are seated properly. Be sure you're running the latest BIOS and drivers for each component.
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