AMD still producing Athlon 64 4000?

Going to build a new computer in the next few months and was planning on getting a 4000 (unless i decide to go for x2). I have been watching newegg and noticed it was out of stock and now that its back in stock the price jumped up.

Is that because it's in short supply now, or just other factors coming into play?

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  1. I was going to go for a X2 but decided it wasn't going to give me extra performance worth $100 dollars. Though if the low price for the 4000 is over then I will reconsider.

    I went for 939 since I dont upgrade a computer I usually buy a new one every few years or sooner if needed. I usually just stay behind the pack a little and save a lot of money.

    Maybe I should take a look at AM2 a little closer, but if it doesnt have a huge performance increase or is similar in price then I dont need it.

    Thanks for the reply

    EDIT: I am open to persuasion attempts since it will help me decide...
  2. well... since you did say yourself that you only upgrade every few years, to save up money... it would automatically make all that much more sense to get at least a dual core, over a single core...

    initially performance will be comparable running single core applications... but thats about where the similarities in performance end...

    beyond that, with a dual (multi) core... your whole system will be snappier and more responsive (because current OS' are multi core coded), additional applications will keep coming out that take further advantage of additional cores (further pulling away from a single core cpu system in terms of performance)...

    simply because you said you dont upgrade for a few years on average, it definetly makes sense to go with a dual core, especially on a s939 based system.
  3. Yea, I have to agree with everyone else; go dual core. Its worth the extra 20 or so percent in cost. TSR's bothering you? Move them all to the second core. Want to run two larger apps without the lag? Put on on each core. The natural migration will be to dual cores anyway (multi-threading) so if longevity is a priority then go dual core. I really cannot think of a reason not to!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I will definetly consider the dual core. I think I will still go with a 939 though, unless i hear the performance boost out weighs extra costs (although as I'm looking at it....the cost difference isn't that much).

    I chose to stick with 754 rather than 939 when 939 was the new socket and I saved money and performed well enough for my needs.

    I definetly like to have a nicer computer but I am not the type of person who needs the newest technology right away.

    Thanks again for the input. More is always welcome
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