Case Fans..Where do they plug in?

I noticed the case fans have a 3 wire plug and also come with a 4 wire adapter. Where exactly will I be plugging the front & rear case fans into? Does the motherboard usually have places to plug in the case fans? If so, would they regulate the fan speed like it would on the CPU Fan?
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  1. Depending on your mobo there should be at least 2 connectors for case fans. Check your mobo manual for locations,or if you dont have a manual go to the manufacturers website and search for you mobo model#. You should also be able to get info about fan speed control from either source. I am not too sure about the adapter you are speaking of, it may be an adapter to put 2 fans on one connection that would plug into a power supply connector,but that is pure speculation on my part without more information. Good luck.
  2. The 4 wire adapter I mentioned is the one for plugging in the Fan directly into the PSU. The problem with that is the Mobo can't regulate the speed. I'm assuming the Mobo has the ability to regulate the speed based on temps. I hope so.
  3. Quote:
    I'm assuming the Mobo has the ability to regulate the speed based on temps. I hope so.

    I wouldnt make that assumption unless you have a very new Mobo. I would assume that your case fans are going to run full bore unless your have hardware to regulate fan speed like my aspire case does.

    In my opinion.....I prefer to run my case fans directly off the PSU so as to not put ANY extra load on the Mobo Voltage regulation. Although I dont think the 12V is actually regulated much if at all. Since you dont regulate 12V down to 12V...hehe. Besides ANY type of voltage regulation is wasted power as heat. It doesnt use less power to run fans at lower simply regulates the voltage lower and dissapates the rest of the energy as heat. The same way dimmer switches for your lights do absolutely nothing to save you money on your electric bill.

    In this case noise is your only other concern.
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