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My power supply fan is making a loud groaning noise. It sounds like something is jamming it, but it is still spinning. I'm pretty sure it is the fan because when I stop it from spinning, the noise also stops.

This all started about 3 months ago, but a simple restart usually fixed the problem, but now its happening more constantly and to fix if usually requires a shut down and wait for about 5 mins. Also the noise gets louder once it starts.
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  1. No the psu is no longer under warrenty. If I were to go in and change out the fan, how simple of a job is it? And what are the things I should avoid? Is there a way to completely discharge the psu?

    Just remove the PSU from the case and unplug it...heheh

    Open the case and look at the fan connector. Most PSu fans are plugable just like a case fan. Might have a bead of glue over the connector to keep it on, but it easily removable and replaceable.

    If its soldered in place and you have a soldering iron....well if you have a soldering iron I assume you know how to use it. If you have a colored wires not matching your new fans wires issue then measure the Voltages on the wires in relation to case ground and connect appropriately.

    The ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS: Dont touch teh leads. It is very UNLIKELY that even a full discharge will kill you unless your a flimsly little XXXXX!!! Hehe. If you want to discharge them, then take a plastic handled screwdriver and short it across the leads and you will get a spark.....All discharged.

    Think of it in this context: When they kill someone by electrocution they use like a sustained 3000 Volt zap. And even then they have to gell the skin and usually takes at least 2 or 3 zaps to actually kill the poor bastard. What have you got in front of you. a PSU with a couple caps in it about the size of your thumb. Its not going to kill you. It'll just hurt a little and scare the bejesus out of you and you'll probably drop everyhing.

    Are you sure it wont kill me?? Well if you discharge a 12V capacitor through sweaty palms of say 10Kohms you get 1.2 milliamps. NOT ENOUGH CURRENT TO DO IT. Plus its DC. AC is worse. If your hands are dry and calloused the electrical resistance can be as high as 300Kohms. About 40-50 Kohms is generally accepted as a good skin resistance. 12V/40Kohm=.0003amps
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