Can you use a fan controler on a x1900xt?

Like the post said will a fan controler work? I just dont trust software to control my fans and I would like more control of my gpu, cpu, and case fans!
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  1. Most likely yes seeing that's it's a variable fan but just maybe the card requires a healthy digital 1 from the fan (closed loop) to reassure the card that the fan is on, otherwise just check the volts required for full fan speed and ensure that the fan controller can provide that voltage as a max along with the reuired amperage - but I'd still stick to the software to control fan speeds. Worst case, a custom fan speed setting going corrupt in ATT or AtiTool will default back to driver settings.

    Besides, if you go for pure manual mode you'll be stuck with wondering what temp you are running currently and when do adjust accordingly, unless you are using an overlay to display temps.
  2. u could use an aftermarket one (that comes with a fan controller)

    i just installed the zalman vf900 and i am very happy with it..

    its so silent, dont make no noise at all i just leave it maxed out all the time....

    or u could use a tool like ATI tray tools to control the fan speed vs temps..
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